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Jack-E-Up, the better way to use your trailer jack
May 2017

2018 Ford F150
April 2017

Heavy Duty Chevrolet 2017 Super Scoop
December 2016

Nissan Titan Half-Ton 2017 Truck
November 2016

2016 Silverado 2500, Midnight Edition
October 2016

Ford 2017 F150 2nd generation EcoBoost, 10-speed auto
June 2016

AuTow Brake Trailer Brake Controller for the Trailer
May 2016

Ram Power Wagon 2016 review
April 2016

GMC Canyon 2016 Diesel
March 2016

The All New Toyota Tacoma for 2016
February 2016

Gen-Y Hitch - One Hitch Does It All and A New Torsion Flex Hitch
January 2016

Nissan Titan XD Diesel 2016, Disrupter
December 2015

Hyndsight Camera System
December 2015

First look at the 2017 Ford Super Duty!
November 2015

2009 Dodge Ram 1500, the Super Handling Hemi
September 2008

Caribou Camper and Brenderup
March 2005

A Day in the Life of Mr. Truck Ford 350 and Featherlite
January 2005

Ford 2005 on Steroids
May 2004

Ford F150
April 2004

Cushion Glide Hitch
March 2004

Diesel Competition
Feb. 2004

Durango Hemi
Jan. 2004

Jeep Cherokee Review
Dec. 2003

Dodge Hemi
Nov. 2003
Hitch Balls

Nissan Titan
Lincoln Navigator

Sept. 2003

August 2003
The newest Ford truck, celebrates Ford's 100th birthday.

July 2003
Hummer 2 is a Hum-dinger pulling machine

June 2003
Weight Distributing Hitches for safe controlled trailer towing.  Reviewing Equal-i-zer WDH and E-Z On System

April 2003
Springs and Mudflaps ( or is it spring and muddy)

February 2003
All new 2003 Dodge diesel pulling a 2003 Featherlite 3 horse slant bumper pull.

January 2003
Help handling your truck on country roads.

December 2002
GM Quadrasteer’s Oh My? 2003 GMC HD 1500 Crew Cab and Chevy Suburban 2500.

November 2002
Truck diesels are in a real horse race. Ford finally has competition and then they pull ahead again.

October 2002
Used Truck Judging 101
"Just like back in 4-H and FFA, you want to learn how to separate the Grand Champion Bull from the bum steer that someone is steering you toward when looking for your best-used truck!"

September 2002
The County Fair, Cattle Mutilators and ode to de Pickup Truck
"In small towns, pickups are lined up at the bar like the horses were tied up outside the saloon..."

August 2002
SUV's and Trailers
"SUV's aren't my first choice as a tow vehicle, but I do understand the economics. Not everyone can afford a truck and a car."

July 2002
Do you need a ½ ton, ¾ ton or 1 ton pickup, with a short or long bed?
"I have pulled a lot of different trailers and remember how glad I was when I could afford to go from a bumper pull type trailer to a gooseneck."

June 2002
Do you need a diesel or gas engine in your pickup?
"The right diesel can dramatically out pull a gas engine."

May 2002
Truck transmissions and you!
"Pickup truck transmissions have come a long way since the 80's."

April 2002
Extended Warranties and Duals
"We've all got friends who bought extended warranties and when they tried to use it, it was worthless."

March 2002
The Right Truck
"I learned how to buy the right truck by; you guessed it, by buying the wrong one a few times!."

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