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Banner Placements
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Rotating Large Banner at the top of the page. (new)   $400 per month

This banner is the premium location and maximum exposure and  is 724 long x 90 tall  and appears on every page. 
(animated .gif file 724x90)

Discounts include:

$900 for three months
$1500 for six months

Parade of Banners at top of page   $300 per month $800 for three months

Impact Banner - Center of Home Page - Upper and Lower.  $500 per month, $1200 for three months - both locations share all impact banners.  Minimum guaranteed page views of 1500/day.

Web Special on Right of Home Page.  $300 per month     $750 for three months 
These are home page Web Specials and a new trailer may be substituted several times a month.  They can be linked to the specific ad or back to your website.

Left Side (Home Page Only) Towers   $500/mo. 120 X 300. Very high visibility.

Trailer Talk Forum Sponsor      $250 for one month.  $600 for three months

Two banners (one on the home page and one inside Trailer Talk) rotate as board sponsors appearing both on the home page and also inside Barrel Talk.  Sponsors of Barrel Talk are able to discuss and promote their products as well.

Margin Banners    $450 for three months   (also rotates to search pages and 25+ other pages in margins)


App Banners    $300 per month

Located on our iPhone app. 380x60

Premier Trailer Manufacturer Listing    $1000/year

Trailer Directory Listings  $300 for three months or $600/year

Conversion Service Listings 
  $300 for three months or $600/year

Premier Dealer Package      $100 per month 

Blue Star designation as a Dealer with online inventory to sell.  Unlimited number of trailers allowed. 

Full access to the Horse Trailer Blue Book.

Premier Dealer Package with linked inventory  $150 per month 

You can have all your trailers automatically listed on your own website, so you never have to type in a trailer ad twice. Enter them on HTW and with a few lines of code on your web pages, the inventory shows up over there. There is no mention of or path back to HTW.

Full access to the Horse Trailer Blue Book.


Custom Websites             

$500 Standard five page website with inventory system 

$750 Standard website with inventory system and custom graphic design

$1500 Std. site with inventory system, custom graphics and online credit application and featured trailers on the home page and "flash" pictures rotating on home page.

Averaging 99,001 users per month, 3,254 per day
Averaging 1.8 million page views per month

Monthly Totals (2023)


Custom Websites or Maintenance               Call for quote  866-850-2176

For questions:  dave@horsetrailerworld.com

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