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Needing More Tailgate & Turning Clearance?
Turnover Ball Gooseneck Extender
4 inches of Extra Turning and Tailgate Clearance.

information provided by
Kent Sundling
Mr. Truck

20,000 Gross Trailer / 5000 Gross Tongue

Short beds are gaining popularity. 4 inches can mean a lot in balancing your truck when pulling a loaded trailer. Having the proper steering weight and letting all of your trucks axles, springs and bearings help carry your load is a big safety consideration. To get this balance it's wise to have the ball 2 to 4 inches ahead of your rear axle. B&W's newest accessory to the Turnover Ball is this 4" extender. The B&W Extender helps to eliminate two common problems with short bed trucks. The extender allows 4 more inches of turning clearance between the truck cab and the front of your trailer and makes for easier hookups by allowing more clearance between the tailgate and lower front portion of your trailer. More pictures below.

Turnover Ball Gooseneck Extender, 4 inches of Extra Turning & Tailgate Clearance.

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