Yes the buyer did come from this site, but no I didn't get but a couple of emails and one bought the trailer.

Only 1 week on the site and the trailer is sold. This site was recommended to me by a trailer dealer, and I would definitely use it again to buy or sell. User friendly and a very good value! I was surprised at the reasonable fee for 2 months! Thank you so much!

I had the trailer listed for 5 weeks. I had it listed on Facebook and Craigslist also. I had only 2 interested people. The buyer came from Craigslist, I had no contacts from horse trailer world except for a dealer wanting me to trade my trailer in with them.

I did sell it today, but the lead came from FaceBook Marketplace. The only message I got from your site was from a scammer - saying they were interested in my "item", and did I have more pictures (there were plenty of everything in the ad), and what was my bottom dollar and would I accept PayPal. I deleted it immediately, because I had already gotten a similar text on a saddle I have listed on your site. That one agreed to the price, but wanted to send a check and when I had the funds they would arrange pickup of the saddle. I'm not sure what that scam hoped to accomplish (I would never release the saddle till I knew for sure the check was good - 30 + days, if necessary), but when I googled the phone #, it came up as a scammer from your site as far back as 2007, using the same MO. Only back then it was a wire transfer. Newer blogs said PayPal. But, they all said it was a scam - stay away. I realize it's not your fault, but it doesn't bode well for me to use your site again. 2 items, 2 scammers and nothing else...... kind of a waste of my money, it seems. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "speak" to you. Patti Goerte

Not sure if the buyer came from this site, but I did receive alot of calls on it. Thanks so much for helping me sell my trailer. You guys are awesome!!!!

I didn't get any contacts from my HorseTrailerWorld.com ad. All my contacts came from my Craigslist ad and the trailer was sold to one of those contacts. A man drove 6 hours to see the trailer and purchased it within 5 mins of seeing the trailer.

Yes, the buyer found my trailer on your website. I have several emails and interested parties from my ad on your website. Four people who came to look at it, including the person who bought is was within a 10 mile radius of me. Two from our very small town. I think your website is great. I will use it again if I'm buying or selling a trailer.

Yes, they came from this site, it was only on there for a few days. She is the only person that called. Thank you

Got over 590 hits but only 2 emails no serious buyers. I got more telemarkers running scams than anything from here. Waste of money.

I received 3 phone calls and 4 emails but sold it word of mouth locally. Thank you

The trailer did not sell from this site. I did not even get one response from my ad on this site even with almost 260 hits. I wish I would have save the $25 it cost me to list it here. Disappointed!

The buyer found me on Craigslist 3 weeks before I got my 1st inquiry from this website. So, unfortunately I wasted $25! It appears the trailer got a lot of lookers, but only 1 who contacted me. Oh, well!

I have both bought and sold horse trailers using Horse Trailer World and have found it by far the best use of my time.

sold off facebook site

Thank you for providing this forum for selling my trailer. I did get a number of calls and emails about the trailer, and did sell it to a buyer who contacted me through the site.

Yes, the buyer came from this site. The first two emails were scams that came the first day or two of the add. I received about 4 truly interested inquiries. The buyer was 6 hrs away & paid the asking price which I derived from an average of the other similar trailers on HorseTrailerWorld. I met her half-way and we made the swap.

the buyer did locate the trailer using the site there were approx 180 or so hits/looks at the ad but only 2 responded i feel it was because i used my ofc email ...(it had finance in it) and folks may have thought it was a repo there are all sorts of spots for info...maybe should be one specifically to say it is an individual trying to market the trailer i understand there are dealer listings but also see where i may have gotten more inquiries if my ad had specifically said it was an individual selling the trailer thanks for providing the service

We live in south Louisiana and the buyer came down fron north Indiana. We are very please with Horse Trailer World. We got plenty of emails and calls about the trailer including the day before the trailer was picked up. I will recommend this site to anyone looking to sell a trailer.

1 caller, 1 buyer, from this site. was sold in 7 days.

The buyer did not come from this site and none of the interested parties were using this site.

I strongly feel this is the best site for trailers! I received calls and emails from all over the US and even 2 from Canada! I am in Ohio and ended up selling to a couple in Montana. Great site for buying or selling

My trailer sold from Facebook. However I did purchase my new trailer through horsetrailerworld and highly recommend this site to all people who are buying or selling. It was my "go to" place.

Yes, the buyer came from HTW. I several emails/calls about it. It was difficult to get my ad published as your system to pay with a personal check isn't quite complete. But, for the price of the ad, it was well worth using Horsetrailerworld.com. It's where I will always go to find, or sell, a trailer.

No the buyer did not come form this sight and I received no emails or calls from this add.

Thank You for having a site that attracts so many people looking to purchase Trailers. The site served its purpose and we were able to sell our unit in a reasonable amount of time. I will certainly use it again if the need arises. Thanks Trailer World.

Your site has always been great when I have decided to sell a trailer. Never fails to get results! Thank you.

The trailer sold quickly on your web site. Thank you!

I did not get very many calls on this trailer, maybe 5 calls. I also had it listed on craigslist. I sold my trailer to buyers in California. This is an excellent site and you do get many viewers. I will use it again!

I think this is a great site to advertise on. You get serious buyers who shop on this site, not just a bunch of tire-kickers. We had quite a bit of interest in our horse trailer and had it sold within a week or so.

Our horse trailer received its first hit within 2 hours of posting. The same caller purchased the trailer 4 days later. Thanks HTW.com #effectivewebsite

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