it was great a lot of looks sold all the way in GEORGIA fROM OKLAHOMA

Buyer did not come from sight. Got no calls. Had it priced well. Maybe a bad time of year. Traded it for a trailer we wanted.

This site is awesome!! We have sold both of our LQ's here! Thank you!!

The buyer of my trailer came several hundred miles away.

Actually this time buyer did not come from this site but had many hits on your site. But I did sell a trailer on your site last year within 3 days. I would recommend your site to everyone! I guess your website is good luck. I had decide to sell trailer and didn't have anyone interested for a month then decide to use your website. Posted on Friday and then sold on Saturday!

buyer did not come from this site. why can't i just take the ad down after it's sold? what's the point of having listings on your site for unavailable trailers, other than trying to make you listing content look better? Please take it down, or instruct me as how to take it down.

buyer was from site some emails

Had lots of activity from your site on this trailer

Easy to place ad, reasonable prices. Great exposure.

Did not get any calls from this add. Sold from Craig’s list add. Thanks

Publication of my ad was seamless and took less than 30 days to sell! Updating and editing was easy and seeing the views was insightful indicating people were interested in my trailer. Buyers called, text messaged and emailed making me appreciate the multiple communication avenues available depending on the buyers preference. All potential buyers said they found the trailer on the site directly, and having used Horse Trailer World for both buying and selling myself I was confident the right buyer would find me! .

Had lots of views but ultimately sold it through Craig's list at full price

I'm not sure which site the buyer came from actually. I did get a number of calls on it, at least 15 people inquired.

Glad to have access the site as a private person selling a trailer. Sale went well and I received a good number of enquiries about the trailer. HTW was the only place that I advertised it so the buyer was as a result of the ad. An improvement would be to make the listing description not need to be formatted into HTML code. I tried for the better part of one evening to get my ad description to not be one huge paragraph. Finally realized after contacting your help email that I needed to put my stuff into html code so I found a simple editor online and had it done quickly. Would have been great to have had this made clear at some point. That's my only negative feedback… all else was great. Thanks!

I listed on Craigslist initially, but the response rate seemed slow, so I researched the internet for best sites to list horse trailers and your site came up. It was exactly one week from the time I listed with Horse Trailer World to the time I deposited the cash from the sale in my account. I also received enough responses to allow me to sell the trailer for the full asking price. Thank you for your very reasonably priced assistance.

Buyer did come from this site, I did not have a lot of inquiries but obviously one successful, one. She contacted me through your site and it took several months to finalize deal. I am satisfied with the exposure I received from your site, the buyer was from Washington State, I'm in North Carolina.

Thank you for this great website. All of the calls and emails I got were qualified, motivated buyers.

No my buyer did not come from the site but I did receive one phone call that lead to a viewing plus a email interested in it. I liked the ease of the sight and plan on using it to purchase a new upgraded trailer.

No, the buyer came from Facebook. We received one call from this site.

My buyer did not come from this sight. I did not get many calls if any from this site.

Only got two responses for my trailer. One of them bought it.

sold through facebook. only received one message from my ad on your site, but it was from a dealer asking me to buy a new one from them and take mine on trade. I found my new trailer through your site though, so this is not a negative review.. just didn't have luck selling myself on your site.

I don't think I got any calls from this site.

I did not sell from this site, no calls or emails thank you

Yes buyer saw trailer on your site. Only had it on your site for three days and it sold. Had a few calls & emails!! Great site to advertise! Thanks

Yes the buyer did come from this site and I received 10 or more calls on the trailer and 5 of those called back and inquired 2 to 3 more times about the trailer.

Yes, the sale came from this site.on I had a lot of lookers but only about 4 people came and looked at the trailer. Great advertising for the price

The buyer did come through this site. Only received 2 calls from your site.

The buyer came from facebook. My trailer sold in less than 24 hours. I am just niw getting contacts from htw.

Buyer came from Facebook. I got 2 interested buyers from the HTW site.

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