Yes several calls from our add lots of interest in our elite trailer customer from north California bought it it was just what they were looking for

No the buyer came from Craigslist and I didn't receive any emails or calls generated from your website which was highly disappointing for the $25 that I paid to advertise. I do not believe my trailer was priced incorrectly.

I did not get a single call from Horse Trailer World. Got lots of calls from Craigslist and Ranch World Ads. Sold off of Craigslist. A suggestion: This was an aluminum Horse/Stock Combo, meaning it had a 4 foot tack room, saddle racks, carpet with a straight wall and a 16 foot stock area. Horse Trailer World only has a category for "Stock Trailers" and this was not a stock trailer but a Horse/Stock Combo. It would be helpful to both the buyer and seller to include "Horse/Stock Combo" in the category section so it can be properly listed. Lot of buyers out there for this style trailer.

I love horsetrailerworld. Best place to buy or sell. I've sold my last two trailers here, and anticipate buying my next one with horsetrailerworld. Thank you for helping my sale

Sold my trailer in a week on your site, Horse Trailer World!!! Super cost effective and great exposure. I'd do it again to sell a trailer!!

received several calls. Sold in 3 days. Still getting calls. Yes, the buyer did come from this site. Had it picked here...from 700 miles away. Both parties satisfied with the results.

We did get several emails from this ad. The trailer sold to a local person. Thank you.

Thanks for having a national site to sell trailers. I like the option to print ad in flyer format.. Had trouble printing my ad flyer and called and person answered said you were having computer problems with that. You need better IT support. I had emailed IT too. Have listed with other sites more responsive and courteous. Your 800 phone number is disconnected listed with Google which is weird. May want to fix that..

I only received one inquiry from this site and the final sale ultimately came from a Facebook trading page. It was easy to place the ad and price was very reasonable though.

This is a great place to list trailers and you make it simple and affordable. Thank you.

I received no contacts from this site. Thank you for letting me post.

The buyer came from horseclicks.com. I advertised on your site, Craigslist, horseclicks, and Facebook. I don't only received four inquiries. 1 from your site, 2 from Facebook, and the buyer. I felt the trailer was aggressively priced but selling a horse trailer in Iowa in the fall is tough. Most people are done hauling and showing for the winter. Spring would have been more optimal.

Yes, the buyer came from this site. Did not get any emails and only received two calls, one of which was the buyer.

The buyer heard about the trailer from someone who had seen the trailer on the site. I did receive several emails and calls from viewers of the site. A lot called from outside of KY, however the buyer did live in the state.

No buyer did not come from this site Yes quit a few calls

Sold my trailer through this site, great way to advertise!

I did not get a single email or call this time around. Sold my trailer through another medium (that did not cost me anything) think it may be simply that there are so many trailers for sale right now. I have had excellent luck in the past both purchasing and selling aliens on horsetrailerworld. I will always be a follower here and recommend them.

It was hard to tell if all the emails came from your site but the sale did come from your site. I have always enjoyed looking at your site for information on trailers when I was shopping and checking out pricing.

No, the buyer did not come from viewing this site. I got probably 6 to 8 inquiries and was very pleased with the amount of interest generated by placing the ad with you.

My buyer DID come from this site and it was very fast! My ad had been up for two days.

I listed the trailer on Thursday night and the folks came with cash in hand on Monday afternoon. This is the second trailer I have sold in your website and both sold in less than a week.

The trailer sold on ebay , I did not have one single inquirer off of Horse Trailer World, sorry I don't know what the problem is.

The buyer did come from your site. I did not get a lot of calls/emails but obviously I got the one that counted. Thank you for a great site!

Thank you Horse Trailer World !!! Sold my trailer in 12 hours.....Have used your site multiple times and it has always been a successful easy site for me to use!!!! Definitely worth the $25 bucks.....Will use it again....Beth V. from Weatherford,TX

No, the buyer did not come from this site and unfortunately I never got a call. I have sold from this site before and would certainly do so again. Thank you. Laurie Davis

No, the buyer did not come from this site and unfortunately I never got a call. I have sold from this site before and would certainly do so again. Thank you. Laurie Davis

I did get very good response from the listing on your site for the CM horse trailer. I got several texts. That seemed to be the most popular way to respond. Thank you for the ease of use of your site. Yes, the new owner saw it on HTW.com

Listing the trailer was very easy and the pricing was fair for the ad itself. I had a large number of viewers but in the end I chose to take a trade-in offer.

Got several texts within a day of listing. Sold the trailer, came and picked it up, and paid cash within four days of listing. It all was because of being on your website.

-The buyer did not come from this site. I did not get any calls or emails from my listing on your site. I have listed 3-4 times on yoursite but have never sold anything. It's a great concept but I have found buyers would rather find something local than travel any distance. I have had better luck selling trailers locally on Craigslist.

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