Thank you. We sold our trailer within a week of listing it on Horse Trailer World. Debbie W.

I didn't sell it from the site. It did receive hits but I had no emails it inquiries on it. It was only on the site for a few days. Support was great in fixing a mistake in the title that I was unable to fix. Thank you.

Buyer did come from this site. One call but that’s all it took to sell it.

Yes, sold in 4 days on this site. This is the second time I have used this site with really quick sale results. DId also receive a few calls and one email. Thanks, Mychelle Taylor

The buyer saw it in a share of this ad on Facebook. I bought another trailer from a share from Horse Trailer world on Facebook also.

Had very quick responses to the ad and the buyer came from this site. I actually bought this trailer from this site 2 years ago. Was the best $25 I have spent in a long time to list it here.

Had very quick responses to the ad and the buyer came from this site. I actually bought this trailer from this site 2 years ago. Was the best $25 I have spent in a long time to list it here.

I listed my 2018 bumper pull within $1,000 of the new price and sold within 3 days. Great coverage and the ad was reasonably priced and well worth the cost.

Very easy to use website. Got lots of prospects before the trailer sold. Hard to sale a 2004 even if it was kept inside and in mint condition. Was asking $35K and settled for $30K

Sold the trailer in two hours. Received so many calls made me think I priced too cheap, but not the case. Just a lot of exposure. I would go on line and see 2,000 other folks were also on line. And the fee is worth the cost and very reasonable. Great site to sell a horse trailer.

No it came from Facebook and we never received one call or email from this cite

Yes, I sold my horse trailer off of your site and I had several people call and email me that were interested. The buyer came from Idaho I had another person interested from Canada and another one was passing through Hawaii and going to stop here on the way by but it had already sold by that point. I bought this trailer off of www.horsetrailerworld.com six years ago and I knew it would get lots of interest. A great selling and buying site!

No the buyer did not use your ad. No there were lots of looks but no bites.

My trailer sold in 3 days...I also appreciate horsetrailerworld.com for honoring 9/11...y’all are awesome! -Tori

I advertised on many different sites both locally and nationally and my trailer sold using horsetrailerworld! Not only did I receive numerous inquiries but the advertisement itself was very professional and allowed me to upload as many pictures is I wanted which gave the buyer plenty of views. The advertisement fees were very reasonable. Horsetrailerworld ensures that both the purchaser and seller are protected by disclosing information to ensure that it is a real legitimate person you are dealing with. I would highly recommend this website for any sales! Thanks!

I recently sold our Lakota 8415 Charger directly through your site, I have a used car lot here in our hometown of Cabot Arkansas and I had the trailer listed on our website, Facebook, Instagram and had it on display at the car-lot with few inquiries, my BUYER came almost 900 miles to purchase our trailer!!!!!! He came to me solely based on your ad. Thank you for helping make the sale.

The buyer did NOT come from your site but I did get the most action from your site and I would use it again.

Lots of interest due to horse trailer world. The ability to upload lots of pics is great. As a viewer, wish you could more easily scroll through pics vs. clicking on each one. Buyer was a local person but that's because it was in great shape and proceed right. It was followed up with lots of interest from this site however.

Buyer didn't come from this site. We did get several emails from this site

the buyer did find my trailer on this site , i only had three people email me on the trailer and the third one came and looked at it and bought it. Your site is very easy to work with and responds very qiuckly to changes i made after the original post. i would recommend this site to anyone considering selling there trailer.

Buyer actually came from FB Marketplace.

Trailer sold in 10 days after listing! Thanks!

My trailer sold within a week of listing it on this site. I would definitely use it again and recommend it to others. I also found my new trailer on Horse Trailer World. I had to contact customer support and they were very helpful and patient Thanks

Numerous inquiries about the trailer and got it sold in a couple of months!!

The buy did not come from this site. I decided to trade the trailer in. I only received one email.

Took a while - trailer was a little bit unusual and I knew it would require a special buyer. And, thanks to Horse Trailer World, that special buyer came along and found her perfect trailer. Thank you!

This is a great site where everyone looks for trailers. This is the only place I advertised and I ended up finding a buyer who only lived 70 miles from me in less than one month!

Buyer came from this site. Got a lot of calls. Tech support was helpful

Buyer came from this site. Got several texts. Your form to create ad is very plain and easy to do. A very good site. I will use your site again if needed in future.

I sold my trailer in 9 days! It was the cheapest and nicest living quarter trailer on your site so I was hoping it wouldn't take long. The buyer did come from this site, a very nice lady from Ohio who made the decision sight unseen based on my photos and speaking with me on the phone. I got calls from people in Arizona, north Carolina, and Florida. I usually would get atleast one email, text, or phone call a day about it. I'm so grateful to horsetrailerworld for giving me such a platform for selling it. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again and infact wish I had used it a lot sooner!

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