I got a fair amount of viewers and thankfully serious buyers. Very happy with your service.

We did receive a few texts and emails from the listing. Only one spam email, which was nice. I believe we sold the trailer by sharing the listing form Horse Trailer World on Facebook. So, in a round about way, yes it was sold through your website. It received a good number of views. You are always our go to place when looking for a trailer. Thanks so much.

Yes the buyer saw my ad on horsetrailerworld.com. I am very happy with the results for your site. I was able to sell both my trailers within a week of posting.

I have sold several trailers on your site. I don't even advertise on any other platform.

Wonderful service and display options. The buyer did come from this site. We received 3 calls on it and all were interested but this buyer 'beat' them to it. I highly recommend your service. Thank you!

Great place to sale a trailer. Cheap and your product gets seen across the whole US of A!!!!

After listing the trailer on this site I started getting many calls and emails asking about the trailer. The buyer found the trailer through this site. The site is very beneficial.

Buyer did not come from this site. I didnt get a single interested party through HTW. My trailer sold on Facebook. I did however get a very convincing man from Oklahoma that called me from the HTW ad wanting to sell my trailer on eBay....

I traded in the trailer. I received a few emails.

Buyer did not come from this site. No calls or emails.

Great site Close to 300 people viewed my ad within a few short days. Buyer saw the ad on your site and sold 5 days later. Awesome!!

We listed the trailer on Horse Trailer World on a Sunday and by the following Thursday we accepted an offer on the trailer. It's about putting the correct buyer in touch with correct seller and that's what happened for us using your site! Thank you, Jay and Lori

The buyer did not come from this site and we received a fair amount of calls & emails.

I got several contacts from the ad I posted on Horse Trailer World. My case is probably an anomaly, but it sold in approximately 24 hours. The ultimate buyer actually saw it on another site, but had he not taken it there was someone that saw it on HTW waiting for the opportunity to buy it. Perhaps I didn't price it high enough?

Had several calls and emails. First person to actually look at it bought it.

Sold in 2 days. Priced according to the market for a nice Aluminum Trailer. Can't get stupid on the price and expect it to sell. Just saying.

After lowering the price, we sold the trailer through Horse Trailer World. It is nice to have your website to list horse trailers. Selling locally is not a good option. We only got one legitimate call and several scam calls. Be careful, sellers!

Yes. I got 7 serious lookers...4 which would have bought it, but it was already essentially under contract.

The buyer was local. Trailer sold through Facebook marketplace. I received one email from a dealer wanting me to trade it in on something new. I didn’t receive any calls. Horse trailer world didn’t help me sell my trailer but it did help me find a trailer last month. I searched 6-horse trailers daily. Found one in my region that was a great deal! Love the site.

No the buyer did not come from this site. I only got one inquiry From this site. It would be nice if the price was lower, Or the listing length was longer because this is the second horse trailer I have listed and sold and Zero buyers came from the site.

Although it took six months to sell my horse trailer, I was satisfied with Horse Trailer World. When I bought that trailer seven years ago I found it listed on this site, and the person who bought my trailer ground it on Horse Trailer World. Listing on Horse Trailer World was easy and simple. It was easy to view activity on my trailer, edit the ad and renew the ad. I did not get a ton of emails or calls on the trailer as I listed it at the end of the season so I was not surprised.

I sold this trailer within one week of listing and my cash buyer drove 6 hours to pick it up. I got several inquiries, but he had put a down payment on it. It was properly represented and in immaculate condition but still a 13 year old trailer.

Buyer came from this site, only a couple of inquiries after 2 listings and no calls other than someone from ebay offering to list it. Thank you for providing this service and helping us sell our trailer

This is the third horse trailer i have sold through your site, The buyer did come from this site, he was one of two e-mails that i answered, no calls but it's sold all it takes is one buyer. Quality trailer are not that hard to sell if you put them on the money.

Did not come from this site. No calls or emails ??

Sold fairly quick Great site bought my last 2 trailers on here & sold this one Easy to filter & find exactly what you are looking for ????

This is the most viewed website for trailers. If you want people to know about your trailer this is the place.

Sold the trailer on CraigsList. Got no calls or emails or text frm listing on this site. Wish I could say otherwise, as I pd for my ads. Thx anyway. Connie Sanderson, W. TENN

Yes they did! No emails and 2 calls! Only takes one! The right buyer!

The buyer is from 900 miles away from my home, this site did indeed help me sell the trailer. This site is easily the best site for horse trailer sales, I found the trailer I just sold on this site as well. I also found the trailer I replaced this one with on here. I really didn't get much action as far as emails or phone calls but it only takes one call from the right person. Thank you for having this site available to us

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