Very easy to list and this is the second trailer I sold on HTW.

The horse trailer did not sell from this site. I did not receive any calls or any emails generated from the site. I put the same ad on craigslist and sold it within a day

The buyer came from this site. I had good results from the site with emails but did have to reduce price to get it to sell.

Hello, The buyer did come from this site. I had to post it a few times, but it eventually sold. We did get quite a bit of activity. This site is super easy to use as well!

Easy interface, wish I could have uploaded more pictures, got some good traffic from our ad, I would use it again. Its worth the cost of positing a listing. Thank you HorseTrailer world.

I am not 100% certain, he said a friend saw it online, and I only listed it with you and horse trailers galore. I loved the ease of your site.

Sorry to say most if not all of our inquiries came from FaceBook.

I was only trying to cancel ad but couldn't find it way to do it. Therefore I tried sold to see if it could be done that way. I need for this ad to be removed.

Buyer did not come from this sight. Finally had calls/E-mails in the last 2 weeks but non prior to that.

Did the buyer come from this site? No. Did you get a lot of emails or calls on it? A couple But I would use your site again.

I got several replies to the ad but it sold before I could respond to them.

The buyer did not come from this site. I did not get one call/email from this site on this trailer. I had listed this trailer on another site-to be fair (a free site). I have another trailer for sale on this site so hopefully the sale will come from here to justify spending money here. Perhaps your fee could be lower or at least for a longer time frame. One of your customer service folks helped me with the listing and he was wonderful-so great customer service. Thank you.

I listed the trailer and received one email two days after posting. The buyer came and looked at the trailer and bought on the spot.

Yes, the response was good.

Found another trailer on this site and traded

Sold my used Featherlite after only one week. Had over 140 hits, but only 3 phone calls and one e-mail. Surprisingly, I ended up selling the trailer to a local person here in my small Western Colorado community. I found my new Lakota trailer while searching and purchased it in August. I always recommend you guys to friends looking for trailers. Thanks, HTW, for this great website.

I only got one call (which was the buyer), and no emails. I’m very happy it sold so quickly with y’all. This is my second trailer I have sold on horse trailer world.

Yes & yes more calls than emails

Yes -buyer came from the site. I received 3 emails on the trailer and 1 phone call. Add was up for 3 weeks.

I was a little disappointing with the limited flow of leads.

Buyer did not come from this site. I received one email and one phone call and both were people wanting to market our trailer for us.

My seen the trailer on your site. I’m very happy with the responses and the buyer is very happy as well. Thank you.

Buyer came from Facebook Marketplace. I only got a few responses from here. I was harassed by a trailer dealer who wanted to sell trailer on eBay.

I received approximately three contacts for my trailer during the 3 weeks it was listed. Buyer is from another site, not this one. Thank you for the easy ad, I'll be sure to look for my next trailer here.

I got 2 calls from companies that wanted to help me sell my trailer from this site, and that was it. I sold the trailer for full list price on Facebook.

Yes, buyer from this site. Very few inquiries, maybe 4 total?

I was told this was the best site to use to sell my horse trailer....and it IS! Mine was not an easy sell - 2 horse with LQ. It was barely used and fully loaded with everything, but not many people want a 2 horse. I got about 15 inquiries (which I thought was pretty good), three of those were serious. The trailer sold in less time than the ad ran. I only used your site to advertise. Buyer was here on Friday of last week. Thanks!

They did not buy from this site... sold it on Facebook...

The buyer of our trailer ended up coming from Facebook Marketplace, I got 2 calls and 1 email from this site.

I got a lot of e mails but sold it on Facebook

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