I think this is a great site to advertise on. You get serious buyers who shop on this site, not just a bunch of tire-kickers. We had quite a bit of interest in our horse trailer and had it sold within a week or so.

Our horse trailer received its first hit within 2 hours of posting. The same caller purchased the trailer 4 days later. Thanks HTW.com #effectivewebsite

Buyer came from this site. Got maybe a half dozen texts and emails. Not many.

Listed our trailer on Wednesday 5/17. Sold this morning to 1st caller. He called 45 minutes after the Add was listed. Spoke several more times for questions/answers, etc. Drove here from New Mexico overnight with his wife and left very happy pulling their new 4-Star. Had 3 folks to call back to confirm sale or they would come immediately. Birmingham, Al. , Waco, Tx. And San Jose, Calif. even had a call from Pierre, So Dakota while the buyer was here. Great website, easy to place ad. We had a trailer in mint condition which also helped. Thank you! Was referred to your site by a good friend Jenny Seimer of Fort Towson, Ok

The buyer saw the trailer on HorseTrailerWorld.com. I got two calls. I sold the trailer to the first caller (the day after I placed the ad). I have already recommended your site to my sister.

Bought and sold several on your site, great

I only got 2 inquiries about my trailer. 1 of them was someone that wanted to help sell my trailer. The other inquiry was from someone that didn't read my information that I was selling because I no longer camp & wanted to downsize my trailer. She wanted to trade me a bigger, older trailer.

Yes, the buyer came form this site. I received many calls about the trailer, all in all your website got the job done. Thanks for the ad.

The buyer did go to the site and like another trailer I sold using this site the buyer was from my state and a neighbor.

Yes, the buyer came from this site and in fact, drove 300 miles for the purchase. Surprisingly, we did not get a lot of emails or calls on this trailer, probably due to the trailer's age; however, we did have a couple of "back up" purchasers waiting to learn if the sale went through. The trailer was exactly as advertised, "immaculate", less than 4,000 miles on it, all new tires and looked like a much newer trailer. I think it fair to say, the buyer was highly satisfied. I will say that although for about the first few weeks, the hits were slow, within the past several days, the hits have increased significantly and I have no doubt the trailer would have sold. I think HorseTrailerWorld.com is a great venue for trailer sales for individuals and dealers alike.

My trailer sold in a week. Had lots of calls. Really glad I listed with you guys.

I sold my trailer! I had it sitting on a busy road all last fall with no one interested. It was an older trailet and needed the right buyer. Someone not wanting a trailer that works for larger horses. It was in great shape and a solid trailer but nothing fancy. The website was simple and people could text me so we could talk to each other. Your website worked and lots of people seem so see it!

I got 1 legitimate contact from your site. I also had 2 people try to scam me with fake cashier checks with my contact information from your website. The buyer did not come from your website.

Very good place to place your add.

The buyer came from (www.horseclicks.com) Nobody contacted me from horsetrailerworld. Your site has been around form the start and I would suggest taking a look at if from the outside in. From a new customer wanting to list/post their trailer. It is a little difficult, some fill in the box questions are out dated, etc For a seller to return and go directly to their ad, it is time consuming, I had to search for a trailer like mine, find mine in the search, click on it then the tool bar above the ad was there to allow me to edit my ad? If this is not how it's supposed to work, that's the only option I could fine?

Sold my trailer in 3 days on here

In the short time the I had it listed on your site, I received two emails from potential buyers and one from another company that wanted me to list it with them. One of the potential buyers came out and it was ultimately sold thru a Facebook posting that I ran simultaneously with your ad. The second interested party did not come out because it had already been sold. While I did not sell it thru your website, I appreciate your service and I think that had it not been for the social media, that it would have sold thru your service. I am satisfied. I think that you offer a great service for the money. Sincerely, Carolyn Heck

The buyer did not come from this site but I had at least 10 valid inquiries regarding the trailer.Several other people from this ad were interested but the money-man came today. I would use your site again should I need to sell another trailer.

The format, contact, and sale was as easy as possible. I received multiple interested communications.

my ad quickly went to the 8th page. wasn't to happy!

I think the site is wonderful for advertising. It is possible to provide abundance of information for a very reasonable price. I had the first contact within 12 days, which turned out to be the person who purchased the trailer. Yes , the buyer did come from this site. I only received one other email from Georgia who wanted air conditioning. Considering the trailer was 15 years old I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to advertise with Horse Trailer World and be able to sell the trailer. It was a good product so when it was viewed it sold itself.

My trailer ad on Horse Trailer World sent a lot of calls, texts, and emails my way. I was amazed at how many people were reaching out to ask me more questions about my trailer. As soon as I posted my ad I was getting a lot of feedback. The buyer saw my ad when I reduced the price, and the trailer sold within one week. This is the second trailer I've sold using Horse Trailer World. The first trailer sold rather quickly as well. I've also used this website from the purchasing end and bought a trailer that was over 600 miles away that I would otherwise not have known about, and purchased a second trailer that was in reasonable driving distance from where I live.

No, I got no interest in the trailer from your site. No emails or calls.

I received 1 email from my add, it had over 200 hits but they were all lookers.

The trailer was sold from an ad on Craigslist. Only had one email from this website.

It's a great place to shop for a trailer!!!

The buyer did come from this site. Only had 2 calls. No email. Satisfied with the results. This is the 2nd trailer we have sold using your site.

Have only good to say about your site. Very user friendly Buyer did see it advertised on your site I received 3-4 inquires within the first 24 hrs of ad being up Had advertised it on another site with minimal response so very pleased with horse trailer world.

The people that bought my trailer founded it on horse trailer world. I would recommend to everyone to post there trailer on your site. I had lots of people emailing me. And the trailer that I'm buying is on your site. I sold a trailer a few years ago and sold it thru horse trailer world an found the one i just sold on that web site.

This is the second trailer I sold thru Horse Trailer World and both sold within days of placing the ad......... Thanks, Joe

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