always sell my trailers fast on your site. wish there was a easier way to update ad from home page instead of looking it up

Yes buyer did come from this site. The potential buyers through the whole process were for the most part “real”. Did not like being approached by other Sellers to “consign” with them - EBay Motors/ Trailer Dealers. Lots of traffic and views. Gave me a feel for what the market would bare. You site was always active and up to date. Well worth the investment of placing the ad.

We have sold 2 trailers putting on your site! We are really pleased with your Site!! Thank you for having it so we can get our trailers out there:D Thank you

No calls no emails not sold from this listing

The buyer did come from this site and I received ten emails from this site,thanks

Buyer of my trailer found on this site and the buyer often checked this site. I often use your site, and I like your search options much better compared to other sites I have listed items on. Received more responses than any other site I listed on.

No the buyer came from Facebook marketplace. I got only two hits in two weeks from your site, whereas I got five hits in one day and sold it through Facebook.

yes, buyer saw this ad and came and bought the trailer in after ad placed for two weeks.

Didn’t get a lot of calls but my buyer did come from your website ad. Worth the investment with you website. Thanks for the service

No, I did not sell from this site. It was sold from another free site. I only received 1 phone call and it was from an ebay online auction rep trying to get me to spend another $99 to list it on a live auction. It was difficult to find my AD to have it removed/sold

Yes the buyer came from this site. The only person to contact me, but bought it quickly. Did not take a long time. Person came 500+ miles to purchase it.

Not sure when the buyer saw the listing but she did see the photos as comments were made. Listed the trailer three times and probably had a total of at least 1000 views. It sells when it sells. I know of a few friends who sent people to your website. The buyer lives three hours from me and picked up the trailer today. I appreciate your website for its broad ad base vs just listing locally. Your ad cost is very reasonable. This is the second trailer sold through your website. Thanks.

I sold my trailer through a post on facebook. Thank you, Lori Irons

I didn’t sell my trailer. I traded it in. There was no option to delete ad so I had to mark as sold.

Good site to sell/buy trailers

Hello, Yes the buyer came from this site. I got a few calls the first time and then when I dropped the price I got a call with 24hrs. They came and looked at my trailer and bought it. This is the second trailer I have sold using this website. This is my favorite site to search for trailers due to your large inventory and search filter capabilities. Thank you!

The buyer came to me through Craig List. I did get contacts thru your site but none resulted in a sale.

I used Facebook, Craigslist, and horsetrailerworld to list my trailer. It sold in 16 hours. Although none of the interest came from horsetrailerworld in that short time, I have found horsetrailerworld to be absolutely invaluable for determining fair prices and also for purchasing my 3 horse. All of that time and research to purchase my new trailer was done for free so I am delighted to give a now $25 'donation' for such an invaluable service!

I had a couple of emails. The buyer came from Facebook. I will use your service again. Thanks!

I actually did not get any contacts from the ad we placed on this site but it was not on long. Someone drove by and saw the trailer and gave us call. Thanks.

My buyer found the trailer on this site, and bought sight unseen. They traveled approximately 5 hours to get it. The buyer contacted my by phone call and we spoke several times over a few days. I received several calls and emails about the trailer prior to selling. I have bought several trailers on this site myself and will continue to use this site. Transactions are smooth and you know what your getting before you get to the actual trailer because of your detailed specifics you ask for on this site. Another Happy seller Thank you, Ryan Taylor

Wasn't pleased with the not being able to sell it on your site, I put it on ebay and sold in 3 day

Yes, buyer and back-up buyers all came from this site. First emailer, the morning after posting ad, ended up buying it a week later. Had a few others wanting to buy within that week and were back up offers. Ended up selling for over asking.

I had my trailer listed for less than a week and sold it after the new owner found it on your site!! Best money ever spent for advertising!! Thanks!!

Buyer came from your site. Some emails, texts and phone calls. Thanks

Sale did not come from this ad. I got several people contacting me from this ad but all were scammers OR wanting me to have them sell my trailer through them for an additional $400. The scammers varied from saying they are buying my trailer and never showing up all the way to wanting my personal information . I reported two of them to your site but never heard anything back from your site. I would not recommend your site to anyone else - lost a lot of time dealing with all the scammers.

I sold the trailer or via Facebook marketplace, I did not get one single email or call on the trailer from your site.

Not a lot of responses to the ad, but ultimately the trailer did sell from a response to the ad. Good result for an 18 year old steel trailer.

Lots of activity from serious buyers. Good response from staff regarding questions during the listing prior to sale of trailer. Thnaks

The buyer came from this site. The definite advantage to horsetrailerworld.com is that it is direct and easy to navigate in order to find what you are looking for in a trailer. The webpage to set up the ad was understandable and very easy to use. Thank you.

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