The site was super easy to use. I got a lot of calls and emails on the trailer. I sold the trailer in two weeks to a buyer from this ad. I was amazed that I received contacts from all over the country and Canada.

"Received a few inquiries, only posted my trailer on this website, and sold it in 2 days."

I received multiple inquiries from the listing. I quickly sold the trailer based on a lead from your site. The site was easy to use and the cost was reasonable. I would definitely use the site again in the future.

The buyer of my trailer was from FB and not a result of my ad on HTW. I had one phone call on the trailer from a HTW buyer which I received literally hours after I sold it locally from a FB buyer. I had another email from a trailer dealer letting me know they could sell my trailer for me.

I ran this trailer ad for 4 months. I did not get a lot of calls but quality is better than quantity in this case. I also did not hear from any scammers which is great. I had this trailer advertised on Facebook in several groups but, in the end, it was Horse Trailer World that got it sold.

Got a lot of calls, sold 2 weeks after ad was listed Thanks

I got one call on the trailer since its been on for a month or so and it was this buyer. don't know if I was to high priced, probably in the beginning but lowered the price twice and only the one call. So I don't know why no more calls than that, it had a good number of views

I put my ad up on living quarters only on face book and received a ton of hits. I only received a couple emails from this ad, but it only took the one caller and it sold.

How do I remove the ad? Thanks David outlaw 903-814-3738 Click here to list your ad as a featured trailer front and center on the homepage for 7 days -- more info Ad # 1170513 Thank you. Your ad is active and online.

I sold my trailer in 3 days, first person to look at it bought it. I received another email from an interested party before listing it as sold. Very easy to set up the ad too!

I sold the trailer based on an ad on a different site

My trailer sold within one week after listing on HorseTrailerWorld. I listed it in multiple sites and all serious inquiries came from your website. Thank you. Debbie

I received several contacts from your site. The buyer looked at both sites it was posted on. Thank you very much for your help with this.

The buyer came from your site. I got more calls from companies wanting to help me sell my trailer than actual potential buyers. The number one question from true potential buyers was the length of my living quarters. It would be helpful if we could have put the actual length rather than above or below 10 foot. Maybe have more choices in 2 foot intervals if you don't want to get exact. Overall I am very satisfied with the results of your website.

Thank you for helping me with the sale of my horse trailer. Yes, I did get alot of calls on my trailer, which did lead to the sale of my trailer. Love the site and it is very user friendly..

The trailer sold off another site. Had no inquires from your site.

This website provided great exposure for letting others know our trailer was on the market .

Advertising on horse trailer world is very easy and affordable. It was very easy to enter my ad information. Thank you horsetrailerworld.com

Yes the buyer seen the add the first day came over the next day a purchased the trailer

My husband and I were very pleased with the advertising we got with horsetrailerworld.com. The fee was very reasonable and almost all of the texts and phone calls we received on our 2010 Bloomer was from our listing on horsetrailerworld. We had over 900 hits and sold our trailer six weeks from when we did the listing on your website. So a big Thank You to horsetrailerworld.com! Kim Arkansas

The buyer came and looked at the trailer, but after measuring the inside width it was decided it was not wide enough for her horse. When we placed the ad we thought it was 7'6" but the inside measurement was only 7' 1.5". Her horse would not have fit in it if it had been 7'6". We only had wo calls on the trailer. We will relist it - changing the inside width measurement.

Yes the buyer did come from this site, but no I didn't get but a couple of emails and one bought the trailer.

Only 1 week on the site and the trailer is sold. This site was recommended to me by a trailer dealer, and I would definitely use it again to buy or sell. User friendly and a very good value! I was surprised at the reasonable fee for 2 months! Thank you so much!

I had the trailer listed for 5 weeks. I had it listed on Facebook and Craigslist also. I had only 2 interested people. The buyer came from Craigslist, I had no contacts from horse trailer world except for a dealer wanting me to trade my trailer in with them.

I did sell it today, but the lead came from FaceBook Marketplace. The only message I got from your site was from a scammer - saying they were interested in my "item", and did I have more pictures (there were plenty of everything in the ad), and what was my bottom dollar and would I accept PayPal. I deleted it immediately, because I had already gotten a similar text on a saddle I have listed on your site. That one agreed to the price, but wanted to send a check and when I had the funds they would arrange pickup of the saddle. I'm not sure what that scam hoped to accomplish (I would never release the saddle till I knew for sure the check was good - 30 + days, if necessary), but when I googled the phone #, it came up as a scammer from your site as far back as 2007, using the same MO. Only back then it was a wire transfer. Newer blogs said PayPal. But, they all said it was a scam - stay away. I realize it's not your fault, but it doesn't bode well for me to use your site again. 2 items, 2 scammers and nothing else...... kind of a waste of my money, it seems. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to "speak" to you. Patti Goerte

Not sure if the buyer came from this site, but I did receive alot of calls on it. Thanks so much for helping me sell my trailer. You guys are awesome!!!!

I didn't get any contacts from my HorseTrailerWorld.com ad. All my contacts came from my Craigslist ad and the trailer was sold to one of those contacts. A man drove 6 hours to see the trailer and purchased it within 5 mins of seeing the trailer.

Yes, the buyer found my trailer on your website. I have several emails and interested parties from my ad on your website. Four people who came to look at it, including the person who bought is was within a 10 mile radius of me. Two from our very small town. I think your website is great. I will use it again if I'm buying or selling a trailer.

Yes, they came from this site, it was only on there for a few days. She is the only person that called. Thank you

Got over 590 hits but only 2 emails no serious buyers. I got more telemarkers running scams than anything from here. Waste of money.

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