No my buyer did not come from the site but I did receive one phone call that lead to a viewing plus a email interested in it. I liked the ease of the sight and plan on using it to purchase a new upgraded trailer.

No, the buyer came from Facebook. We received one call from this site.

My buyer did not come from this sight. I did not get many calls if any from this site.

Only got two responses for my trailer. One of them bought it.

sold through facebook. only received one message from my ad on your site, but it was from a dealer asking me to buy a new one from them and take mine on trade. I found my new trailer through your site though, so this is not a negative review.. just didn't have luck selling myself on your site.

I don't think I got any calls from this site.

I did not sell from this site, no calls or emails thank you

Yes buyer saw trailer on your site. Only had it on your site for three days and it sold. Had a few calls & emails!! Great site to advertise! Thanks

Yes the buyer did come from this site and I received 10 or more calls on the trailer and 5 of those called back and inquired 2 to 3 more times about the trailer.

Yes, the sale came from this site.on I had a lot of lookers but only about 4 people came and looked at the trailer. Great advertising for the price

The buyer did come through this site. Only received 2 calls from your site.

The buyer came from facebook. My trailer sold in less than 24 hours. I am just niw getting contacts from htw.

Buyer came from Facebook. I got 2 interested buyers from the HTW site.

Buyer came from Facebook. I don't think I got any interested buyers from the HTW site.

Buyer came from Facebook ad.

My trailer sold in three days. Money in my hand!! I wish so much I had started here to begin with. Thank you so much!! Patrice Corbridge

To be honest, I don't know if the buyer came from this site or a Facebook site I had advertised on, as they texted me from the beginning and did not email through the site. I did receive a number of emails and one phone call though that I know came from this ad.

Great exposure..easy to use web page.Have been getting excellent results.

I received 7 calls on my trailer. Keep in mind it is an old trailer. The exterior needs paint. I think I got a good response. My buyer lived in the area! She didn't know where it was located until she called me. She bought it immediately. We are financing it for one month. I bought this trailer through your website. I am quite happy.

We had under 700 hits on our 4 horse LQ and it sold within 45 days. We had a few emails on it but someone that lived within an hour from us bought it. Their family loves it! They are using it already this weekend!

The responses to this ad were very good. The ease of entering the information about the trailer was very good. The emails and calls came from this site.

No to both

Before I posted the trailer on line I shopped similar trailers on the site, I also looked at other sites but I felt this one had the most followers and volume to look at. I determined a price that would get some action and placed the add. I had a total of four responses with in a week and one of them bought the trailer. We are located right on I44 but people are reluctant to stop so this website got the job done.

Excellent site to move my trailer. I had several emails and calls looking to purchase the trailer within hours of listing. I highly recommend using this site.

thank you

Buyer saw the ad on horsetrailerworld. It's a good site to get your ad nationwide. Sometimes it takes a broad buyer base to sell LQ trailers.

One person showed up and they bought it. No one called.

The best way to sell a horse trailer, hands down!

I placed an ad for a nice truck and trailer and received calls within a day from Horse Trailer World. All seemed legit- no crazy Nigerian princes or other scammers. After exchanging additional photos via email, a shopper jumped on a plane from Canada and flew to California to see my rig, and bought it that day, for my asking price. No complaints! It was a relatively expensive purchase but exactly what the buyer was looking for, in great condition, so a win/win for all of us... the buyer would have never found this rig without a national ad forum like Horse Trailer World. Thanks!

It seemed like the "Features" section of the ad could list more than just 7 checkbox items? But I guess you leave the "Description" field open for that purpose. LOVE your photo upload workflow, and wish drag and drop was available on other websites. Can you add a field to the front page search function to enter an ad ID number? It was frustrating to go back and look at our ad later without searching from the top of the pile. Maybe you've wrestled with this before, but add a "Log In" option to the front page or main menu for those who have already posted an ad(s), then show them in a table with links to your Edit page. Overall the functions are pretty good, but the style is dated; maybe never updated since the 90s? ;)

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