Love how easy site is and the selection

Yes, I sold it to a customer from this website. I got about 4 or 5 calls and emails from it, and it sold quickly. I'm very happy with the results!!

The sale was generated from the ad at horse trailer world. I had approximately 4 perspective buyers and a couple more inquiries. The buyer from TX was the only one to come and look at the trailer and he purchased it on site.

We are very happy with Trailer Horse World! It is very user friendly and we are able to reach many serious buyers.

Buyer saw the trailer on your site. I had a few emails and calls. 1 fraud check attempt. Contact was via email, text and call.

Buyer found it on this site. Not many calls/texts that sounded legitimate. I think it took 1 1/2 years to get it sold. More scam attempts than serious buyers. When I told them the transfer would take place in my bank in US dollars, I never heard from them again.

Hi! My trailer sold thru FaceBook Market Place in 2 days. The only response I received from the HTW ad was one text which was a scam. I’ve had good success with this forum in the past but I’m afraid FB Market Place is the future of person to person sales.

Sold trailer on local add. Never got one call, or e-mail from this add. I received alot of calls just on face book.

Almost 100% of my inquiries came from this ad. The buyer came from over 5hrs away and seemed to be very happy with the purchase. I was very pleased with the ease of listing and the response from the ad.

Only received one call from the ad for my trailer but it only takes ONE! Sold in less than a week. Thanks for offering this website for buyers and sellers to connect! Would love it if you would accept Discover card also as a payment method. Thanks HTW!

Buyer did come from this site. I had a total of five inquiries. Two were obvious scams. I have no issues with your site. Thank you.

No, Our trailer sold from Facebook. I feel I shouldn't have wasted my money. Live and learn I guess. 1 person ask me a question.

The buyer of our trailer found it on your site. The process to list the trailer was much easier then other sites I have used to sell items. The entire process form list date to sell was very quick.

Thank you very much for letting me list my horse trailer on your site. I do not think that I received much interest from it but it was easy to do.

The buyer was from this site. For pandemic times response was good. I've used the site numerous times and have been very happy with it.

The buyer did not come from your site. I recieved one email from a dealer wanting to trade or sell on consignment.

Buyer saw our ad on horse trailer world and local market place on Facebook. Got 4 calls and the one person that came out bought the trailer the same day(today).

No, the buyer did not come from this site. I got 1 email and it was a spam / hoax wanting to send me a down payment and then for me to send the rest of the money back until their agent approved the trailer. I said I didn't like their terms and they could call me if interested which they did not. Thank you for placing my ad. If the Covid 19 virus didn't hit at the same time I may have had an interest in the trailer.

Buyer did come from your site, very fortunate, thanks.

No luck with your sight sold on FB Market place

OK, I decided to keep my trailer. I got 63 hits on it, but only 3 people actually contacted me about it, and the guy I told could buy it is trying to scam me. His name is Alan Casey. Whole situation is very weird. I couldn't find a way to delete the ad, so I marked it as sold.

Sadly, after spending 25.00, my horse trailer was not sold on Horse Trailer World. I did get 4 inquiries. It sold from being advertised on a Facebook group.

I only received a couple of emails from this site and received about three times more from Facebook Marketplace. The trailer eventually sold via a lead on Facebook Marketplace. I will still use horse trailer world.com in the future, but I wish the reach was greater.

I got some interest from you site, but no one serious. The trailer sold from my Facebook posting.

Yes ,the buyer did come from your site. We did have a lot of calls ,then the Coronavirus outbreak really kicked in and it got quiet. We feel extremely lucky that we were able to sell our trailer in these very uncertain times.

I got a fair amount of viewers and thankfully serious buyers. Very happy with your service.

We did receive a few texts and emails from the listing. Only one spam email, which was nice. I believe we sold the trailer by sharing the listing form Horse Trailer World on Facebook. So, in a round about way, yes it was sold through your website. It received a good number of views. You are always our go to place when looking for a trailer. Thanks so much.

Yes the buyer saw my ad on horsetrailerworld.com. I am very happy with the results for your site. I was able to sell both my trailers within a week of posting.

I have sold several trailers on your site. I don't even advertise on any other platform.

Wonderful service and display options. The buyer did come from this site. We received 3 calls on it and all were interested but this buyer 'beat' them to it. I highly recommend your service. Thank you!

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