Yes, I had lots of interest here but ultimately sold it through FaceBook.

The sale of our trailer did come from horse trailer world. As it is said timing is everything, we listed the trailer in November I think and had to renew the listing the end of December. It would appear the fall/end of the year is not the best time to sell a unit. After Christmas and the first of the year we had many more inquiries on this unit. We did sell it for the asking price and the couple that purchased it was great to work with. Thanks

They buyer did not come from this site. I was contacted via email from one person and they sell horse trailers and wanted to consign the trailer. I did share the link to the ad on my Facebook page. And the per who bought it was a friend of mine. However, I did have over 300 hits on the ad in just a few days so that was great exposure.

The buyer for this trailer did not come from this site. I received only 2 emails from this site from interested potential buyers. I received 4 emails through this site from trailer dealers that wanted to help me sell this trailer.

Not much response. I sold the trailer to my neighbor. Best Ulla

No the buyer did not come from your web site. Buyer came from word of mouth threw friends.

The trailer was not sold on this site but it was the first place I put it. I liked the format and thought it would be a good place to show with like trailers. Reasonable fee. I did receive several e-mails from the site. But it sold in 24hrs on Facebook. Thank you.

The buyer actually did not come from the site. It came from a friend referral from sharing a FB post. I got two scam emails about the trailer-asking to pay with a cashier's check with an overage. Most people text messaged. A few people called. Most people wanted to offer $10k-$20k below asking price on a well priced trailer. I've bought a trailer through an ad on the site and I'd post one again in the future as well.

Changed my mind on selling it.

Horse Trailer World has been my “go-to website for several years. I’ve used it to buy trailers and was so easy to post a “for sale” my miniature livestock trailer. Thank you Horse Trailer World for keeping things simple during these tough times.

Excellent web site, brought buyer from Oklahoma. Had some interest from others. Very happy to sell off season

Excellent web site, brought buyer from Oklahoma. Had some interest from others. Very happy to sell off season

Thank you! Sold trailer in just a few days! I had it listed on Facebook, Craigslist and it was on a lot at a local feed store with no inquiries. Excellent online service at a great price!

Yes, the buyer came from this site. Thank you!!!

My trailer sold in less than a week after placing the ad on Horsetrailerworld.com. I also found my new to me trailer on this site. It's definitely the place to find or sell a horse trailer.

HTW is best place to find potential buyers. This was second time I used HTW to sell or buy horse trailers. Both buyers came from HTW, also I found my new trailer thru HTW ad.

Ive always had great success with this site! For ALL reasons. You provide souch on here. I've bought and sold both trucks and trailers here! All the tools available are a great deal of help! Only thing I noticed this go around was it was a little difficult to arrange photos, for both my ads....maybe not as mobile friendly?! But that's my only suggestion. Thanks for what you provide!

Hi, the buyer came from a different site. We received a couple emails, 2 scam, and a couple interested ones. I appreciate your site and think its a great way to get to look at a lot of trailers.

The buyer is from Texas and did find the trailer on HTW. I received 3 additional emails about the trailer; one from Massachusetts, one from California, and one from Texas. The one from TX is the only one besides the buyer who followed up on my response. Hope that helps. My friends and I use your sight a lot!

Yes, i did sell my trailer on this site! Very pleased that so many people viewed my ad which ultimately led to a quick sale in less than 3 weeks! Thank you!

I only got one call from horse trailer world. We sold it through Facebook marketplace.

Sold through this site. Sold in one day! Thanks

My buyer did see the ad on HTW I had about 8 emails and about 7 texts messages on it. Thanks for helping me sell it. This is the 3rd trailer I have sold on your site.

Extremely satisfied!!! My 3H Lakota with living quarters trailer sold in less than 24 hours. Even got what I wanted for it. Now I am looking for a simple 2 horse bumper pull and hope to find one here. Thanks! :)

Great way to market and sell my trailer. I received numerous inquiries and sold it within days of posting ad. I’m not great with computers but this site made it so easy to list my ad.

Great website, helped me sell my trailer in two weeks. Would recommend.

The buyer came from a facebook group I also advertised this trailer on. I did get alot of calls and text messages about this trailer but not sure if they came from HTW advertisement or facebook advertisements.

The buyer did not come from this site, but I received two solid leads from here, both people who were strongly interested in buying the trailer (didn't work out for various reasons). I found your site to be extremely easy to use, with an excellent user interface. If I have another trailer to sell in the future, I will *definitely* be listing on HTW.

The buyer came from this site. I only got a few calls/texts and no emails. I believe the site was doing it's job. The trailer was in a limited market due to the size and price. I will use HTW again. Thanks.

We got a scammer right away-- poor spelling, wanted to send a cashier check for more than we were asking. Also got a trailer sales company offering to take our trailer in on trade. The person who bought our trailer found us on our Elbert County Facebook swap shop page and used the Horse Trailer World to see all the pictures we had posted. The folks who bought our trailer live about 10 miles away. FYI-- we found this trailer using Horse Trailer world back in 2013. I really like your search engine.

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