I got 2 calls from companies that wanted to help me sell my trailer from this site, and that was it. I sold the trailer for full list price on Facebook.

Yes, buyer from this site. Very few inquiries, maybe 4 total?

I was told this was the best site to use to sell my horse trailer....and it IS! Mine was not an easy sell - 2 horse with LQ. It was barely used and fully loaded with everything, but not many people want a 2 horse. I got about 15 inquiries (which I thought was pretty good), three of those were serious. The trailer sold in less time than the ad ran. I only used your site to advertise. Buyer was here on Friday of last week. Thanks!

They did not buy from this site... sold it on Facebook...

The buyer of our trailer ended up coming from Facebook Marketplace, I got 2 calls and 1 email from this site.

I got a lot of e mails but sold it on Facebook

I had it posted 2 days and got 2 interested parties. They texted me and e mailed me. Very pleased with how quickly it sold but it was a good price for a nicetrailer. Using you site was easy and reasonable.

Buyer did not come from this site

I sold my trailer using Facebook marketplace.

The best and only way to sell a trailer! Thank you!

I had over 350 hits. I had three emails wanting to know about my trailer. One being a dealer. The buyer came from e-bay. Thank you.

This is the second horse trailer that we have sold on your site. The buyer did see our ad on your website. The transaction was seamless and both sales were a positive experience . We also received double the hits on your website as compared to any other. Thank you Horse Trailer World!

Yes, the buyer came from this sight and I had a lot of hits . Thankful it sold quickly with no hassle :)

We were happy to have only used HorseTrailerWorld.com web site again for the recent sale of our horse trailer. We had a decent amount of interest and are very pleased with the outcome.

The buyer did not come from this posting. It came from a friend telling a friend. I got no phone calls and only a few emails.

This is an extremely easy & efficient site to sell any horse trailer on, messages went right to my email & it was a breeze to connect with potential buyers.

Thanks for the space on your site. I sold the trailer on a different site. I did not receive any contacts email or calls generated from you site.

Yes buyer from your site . Used emails. Worked great. Thanks

I did get some inquires about my trailer. I ended up making a deal with a dealership to trade my trailer in. I have had good luck with selling my trailers on your site before. This time I had a deal I just couldn't pass up. I enjoy looking at your site and all the trailers. Thanks for your help.

sold via facebook post

The buyer did come from your site , I received three emails or text messages and the First Lady that I talked tonbought it !

Not one response from this add.

Yes we got alot of calls off of your site and ended up selling to a contact from your site. Thank you for a great place to sell trailers!!

Yes! The buyer saw my ad on HorseTrailerWorld! A lot of people come to this site to find what they are looking for! I am so glad that I was able to place an ad and sell my trailer! Thank You!

Had a local guy buy your trailer , thanks for letting us use horse trailerworld.com

Buyer found trailer on your website and traveled to PA from IA to get it. I had approximately a dozen people contact me mostly by phone.

The buyer found our trailer on this site. We had a few interested people. A positive experience. The site was user friendly as I was able to edit my add easily changing pictures, lowering price and updating wording on the add. We sold our trailer to someone who lives 3000 km away from where we live and we met half way to deliver trailer. It worked well!

Yes, our buyer found the trailer on the web site. They first contacted us via email. We received a very good response from the ad. The trailer sold with in the first week. We also bought our new trailer from a listing on the site as well.

most all of the calls on the trailer came from our craigslist ad.. had a few from horsetrailerworld but not many..

No, it was not sold from your site. I only had 2-3 people respond to my ad listed on your site.

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