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It's easy to place an ad on Horse Trailer World. Go straight to the secure Ad Form and fill in the blanks. As soon as you hit submit, your ad is posted. You can edit your ad anytime and upload your own pictures with your password. Or you can email photos as attachments to the ad manager here or mail them them in. No extra charge for photos. See more on photos below. Please allow time for your mailed in ads to be posted. Ads are not posted until payment is confirmed. Required information is Year, Brand, Price, and State. Please check your ad thoroughly for content and accuracy. Usually, posting occurs in the morning of each business day. To place an ad now, go here.
We encourage updates, corrections, and new information to help you sell your trailer. Display your on-line ad. Look for a link called "Edit this ad". Use your password to edit any information or change pictures. If you want to lower the asking price,  your Ad will be tagged with the image. There is no charge for changing your ad. Submit a support ticket for additional questions here.
If you listed your truck or trailer on Horse Trailer World and can't bring up the ad with the search window, try these steps. Start the search as broad as possible. Select only the State or the Brand. If you know the Ad number, try the Ad Number search box.
We've done some research on time-to-sell, hot brands, and sizes of horse trailers. Good pictures, good description, and a fair price will sell your trailer. Ads with pictures outsell all others 3/1. New Ads get the most attention since the posting date triggers a graphic next to the listing for 7 days. Many folks are visiting every day to search on 'New Only' looking for their next trailer before it gets snatched up. There are buyers for big LQ outfits as well as 2H bumper-pulls. The first week is a critical time to have the pictures and all the contact information correct. You can email your pictures first, then post an ad. Or log into your ad at anytime and upload photos. The staff will hold the pictures in the queue until an ad shows up that matches.
Pictures still speak a 1,000 words. Thirty photos are allowed with each Ad. If you are having trouble uploading pictures they can be Emailed as an attachment or mailed by regular ground mail. See the street address here. Send a SASE if you want pictures returned. We accept JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP by Email. JPGs seem to work the best so all formats received are converted to JPGs for posting. Pictures received through the postal service are scanned into JPGs and posted.  

A good set of pictures is critical to your successful sale. The best Ads have two or more pictures posted, at least one 3/4 broadside and one inside. For LQs be sure to put in four interior photos. If you don't have a LQ or a DR, make the other shots of the trailer from rear or loading area but slightly to the side. Take pictures on a sunny day for the best color rendition over the Internet. Pictures are resized to 600 pixels in width. If you're in a big hurry to post an Ad, but don't have any pictures yet, don't worry, you can log into your ad at any time and upload pictures.
The Ad Form is delivered to your browser through a Secured Sockets Layer protocol which encrypts data transmissions or scrambles it in a 56 bit code. This is for the protection of your credit card and personal information. A Secure Certificate is required for this type of communication. We use a Certificate provided by  Equifax Secure Global eBusiness. This is the standard method most often used for credit card payments, stock transactions, and on-line banking. SSL encryption can also slow response times. If you do see the security icon, double click on it for information. 
If you listed your truck or trailer on Horse Trailer World and can't bring up the ad with the search window, try these steps. Start the search as broad as possible. Select only the State or the Brand. If you know the Ad number, try the Ad Number search box.
If you sold the trailer but the deal fell through, you probably want to take the sold sign off. Please generate a support ticket below. Be sure to include your ad number.
If the ad has expired or you can't find the ad, see help question above, I can't find my ad. Display your ad and log in to edit. See renewal instructions at the top. Renewing your ad will clear the hit counter and make your ad a new ad again. It will start on the center of the home page and move down another row each time a newer ad is placed.
After submitting a support ticket, you should receive an automated reply email that lets you know that we have received your request. Tickets get queued up for review by the support staff and are answered in a timely manner. If your ticket only contained a suggestion or comment then no further response will be sent to you. If you did not receive the automated reply, the email address you entered may be in error. Please submit a new ticket.
HTW does not offer a "buyer protection plan".

Ads with unbelievably low prices are probably fraudulent, especially if the seller claims to be out of the country.

Be aware that ads claiming to have the trailer overseas or offshore in a country like Spain or Greece are know to be fraudulent. Another clue is unusual payment arrangements, cash, money orders, buyer protection, Western Union, or a price too good to be true. We have made every effort to filter the offending ads. To report a suspect ad, please use the alert button at the top right corner of the ad, or report it via email to

See the complete fraud page here.

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