Trailer sold in approx. 2 months from placing the ad. I had a few calls before this buyer, but not a lot. I do believe the buyer saw the ad on this site. Thank you.

My buyer didn't come from this ad. I didn't get any emails from this site and only one phone call.

Doing business with her horse trailer world made it so easy to sell our trailer. We have tried often on advertising the trailer in other ways with no luck. With the horse trailer world we had the trailer sold in three weeks awesome.

We had 144 hits, only one reply and sold it from FB ad. Honestly, we had much more activity and responses, sold first weekend on FB.

Buyer came from this site, i had it listed everywhere and had alot of tirekickers. This site brought me people who were serious!

Yes! The buyer was the 3rd person to contact me from this site. She came 7 hours to purchase it. The first 2 were scams though. You have to be very careful about people these days. It was worth the $25 to list it. I started my ad on 7/22 and the buyer drove off with it on 7/29. Exactly a week and it sold for what I wanted to get for it.

Yes my buyer came from the website. I did have several calls. It was a great experience.

The buyer did come from your site and it was the only one from your site. But it always takes one to like it and buy it. Thank you

The buyer saw this trailer listed on your site. Got about 8 emails, 10 calls and 2 text messages.

All good with the site. Trailer did not sell though this site. Only received one email from this site and that was another company offering to sell my trailer for me. No calls from this site either.

Yes the trailer did sell on this site. We got 4 emails one of which was a little suspicious sounding so we chose not to do business with them even though they agreed to full price. We got 2 texts with follow up phone calls both of which were probable buyers if trailer remained available. This was all within 3 weeks of placing the add.

third time i have used your site works every time sold all of then within a week.. remember the first offer is your best offer

We got a lot of emails & texts on this trailer. Some seemed shady, but many were good and the trailer sold locally with cash WITHIN 2 days of the listing!

Yes!! The buyer did come from the ad placed on HorseTrailerWorld.com, I received several calls and emails from my ad. The trailer sold quickly also, locally to my surprise! I don't think it was listed for over two weeks before it was sold.

Didn’t sell it here. Sold it on Facebook marketplace e

This is the third Trailer I have sold on here and I get quite a few inquiries and sold it in about a week. Thanks

The buyer saw my trailer on your site and was very pleasant to deal with. I really only had 2 emails on the trailer. one of which seemed very suspicious in the way they wanted to do business. But I got it sold thanks to your site! I will definitely use you again on my next sale.

Sold my trailer in 3 days thanks to horse trailer world!

Thank you for your site. My friend sold hers on here to. It’s a great site.

I had emails from serious buyers for my LQ trailer the first day It was listed! Sold for full price very quickly .

I did not get any emails or calls from my ad on HorseTrailerWorld.com but I did buy a trailer that I had seen on there just three weeks prior. I actually sold my trailer (that I did list on HTW) through Facebook but still appreciated being able to list it on your site and think your site is a great tool to utilize when looking for a trailer!

The trailer sold in 3 days and over 1,000 views!! Thanks!!

The buyer did not come from this site. I got several email inquiries and no phone calls. Thank you for letting me list my horse trailer on this site.

The buyer came from Facebook. We only got one contact from Horsetrailerworld.

A few but one was the buyer.

We had one person inquire from this site. The buyer was from Facebook marketplace.

I sold my trailer from this site and yes I received several emails and calls on it. Thank you for being an easy site to use and work with. I will definitely use this site again to buy or sell.

The process to list the trailer was easy. I received a call 8 hours after posting and sold the trailer to the caller. I received one other email inquiry within 24 hours of posting the ad. I would use your service again.

Buyer came from this site. Sale went quickly. Thanks

I am very pleased. I was initially reluctant to list it on Horse Trailer World as I did not wish to pay the small fee. But, after seeing comments about Horse Trailer World on several equine-related online forums, I went ahead and listed it. Almost immediately I received notices of interest and in about a week it was sold. Interestingly, it sold to someone several states away, which was not as likely to happen through the various other channels.

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