No, it was not sold from your site. I only had 2-3 people respond to my ad listed on your site.

Great site ! Sold our 4 star trailer in 5 days !

I sold my trailer quickly and then bought another one via this site. Both transactions worked out very well. It would have been impossible to connect the buyers and sellers without your great website. Thank you!

buyer did come from this site, he was the first to call about it after posting. we had only had it posted for a few hrs before he called. that was on a Saturday and he bought it on a Tuesday. thank you for being so quick to post.

Had a wonderful response to my ad and was able to sell it through your site. Would definitely use this site again. Thank you

Yes the buyer say it on the site they were from Canada. Didnt get alot of call but it only takes one good one. This is the second thing I've sold on the website. Both times not slot of calls but got them sold in a month or less..

The buyer did come from your site. I received half a dozen calls in the first week of posting. The first person out bought the trailer, they lived within 2 hours of me. I tried to price it right for a quick sale, which did happen. Your site was recommended to me and I will do the same for any one else I know that wants to sell their trailer. Thanks, RICH

I listed this trailer on 2 websites. This site was the only one through which I received calls and emails. I had several legitimate calls and offers on the Horsetrailerworld site. It sold 2 weeks after listing, but I was also realistic about the price, which helps.

Great site to market a trailer, and reach so many potential buyers. Thanks.

The buyer did come from your site, we had about 3 or 4 calls and emails.

I received 2 calls immediately after listing my add and sold the next morning wished I would have started with this website thank you

1. Yes 2. Not a lot about six

Sold the trailer before the new listing was over. Many thanks to HTW for allowing us to post our fabulous trailer for sale.

I did find a buyer with Horsetrailerworld. It wasn’t over night but it happened! I don’t honestly think I could have sold it with out your site. Sharing the link was the most valuable part! Kept answering questions and sending pictures a lot faster!! Thank you! I’ll be buying my next trailer from your site!

This is our 7th trailer to sell on HTW. We love buying and selling on this site.

Our buyer did not come from this site, however i did get a couple of emails and talked on the phone with one potential buyer. I was happy to be able to have a place to advertise our trailer, thank you

traded trailer only got one call in 2 months on your site. didnt help me sell my trailer at all

This is the site that got the correct Buyer in touch with me! They LOVE the trailer! I liked how many "hits" received within 1 day. Amazing the reach this web site has! Only received 2 e-mails but that is okay because one of them purchased the trailer! I posted the trailer on a Wednesday...they viewed it on Sunday (w/deposit)...and the final payment was Tuesday. 6 DAYS! Simply AMAZING!! Thank you Trailer World!

The buyer found us from Craigslist, not this listing. I did not receive any contact from a potential buyer from this listing.

The sale was a result of my ad placed on HorseTrailerWorld.com. I'm in Minnesota, the buyer was from Canada. I received over 125 views from my detail page. I began the process with the trailer priced at over $1,300 from the Trailer Blue Book average valuation because my dealer said that these trailers were in short supply. No response. I lowered the price $500; one serious response, with concern about rust on a steel trailer (mine had very little, only 5 years old). I lowered the price another $500 and received two serious responses, both made offers, and sold the trailer for $175 over average valuation: $8,450 -> $7.950 -> $7,450 -> Sold for $7,300. Average valuation: $7,127. Thank you!

Excellent platform for getting your trailer sold

I received one call on the trailer and they backed out. I made a deal with someone in texas and we are trading trailers. listing the trailer on your site had nothing to do with the transaction that i am making with a dealer in texas. sorry i know that is not what you all want to hear but thats how it went down. have a blessed day

had ad on 5 different site. ended up trading in to dealer on new truck. had no leads from any site.

The buyer did see the trailer on this site. I had email and phone calls from 5 or 6 interested buyer.

No buyer was a friend. I only got 1 email and that was today, 7/17/19 I posted about 2 weeks ago.

This is the only place I listed my trailer and I did get lots of emails and calls from this listing. It's really the best place to buy or sell a trailer. One thing I would love to see updated on this site, is the availability to scroll through the images without having to click on each individual pictures. It makes it hard to view on mobile devices.

The buyer came from your site. I did get a lot of calls. Your site makes it so easy to buy & sell a trailer. Thank you

The first buyer that looked at my trailer bought it. A very nice couple thought the trailer really fitted their needs. They saw it on your site.

Sold my trailer in 36 hours for the $25. What a deal!

Your site is easy to use and it reaches a lot of people but with over 250 views I did not have a single person contact me from this ad. I sold the trailer from an ad placed on a more regional site.

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