Easy to list on this site. We got a number of calls and emails, and the buyer found the listing on this site.

Plenty of emails, sold from this site!

The buyer did come form this site. I got a lot of emails at the beginning and then they were more sporadic. I lowered the price a bit and that is when I sold the trailer. I have sold several trailers succesfully through this website and recommend it to all of my friends selling trailers. It is a great site and I think the easiest way to sell your trailer yourself vs paying a dealer to sell it. It is amazing the national reach of this site. Both people who purchased my trailers from this site were from several states away.

Buyer came from this site. Lots of email interest, but only one serious buyer and that is all it took! Great site, gets a lot of attention. Thank you!

Yes from this site. Only one call!!

Yes, the buyer came from this site. I received approximately 6 e-mails/calls. This trailer sold within 3 weeks. The price of the ad is very reasonable. Very please with the results. Will recommend this site to my friends. Thank you

Not one text or call from your site. Sold the trailer from Facebook

The customer who bought my trailer found my add on Craigslist. I had 2 people contact me through Horse Trailer World, 3 through Craigslist and 4 through E-bay. By far the most polite people were through HTW. Craigslist second. E-bay people were rude and wanting something for nothing. It was odd, I didn't have a single person contact me for 1 month. Then in 2 days I had all these emails and calls and the trailer sold for full price. Really happy it sold and has gone to a good home.

Sold my Horse Trailer on HorseTrailerWord.com within a very short time. I tried just local advertising, but only received a couple inquiries. Once I posted it for sale on this site, the number of views increased significantly. I would highly recommend this site to expand your sales exposure and opportunities!

Sold my trailer in 10 days

Super easy to use horsetrailerworld.com. Worth the ad price.

Buyer saw the ad in HTW I did receive several calls and emails Pleased with the experience!

It didn’t sell I just took it to a trailer sales place and couldn’t figure out how to remove my listing

The buyer bought from this site. We are in Louisiana and he is coming from North Dakota. Lots of calls the day it posted. Sold the horse trailer in three days from activating the ad. I have had it posted on facebook for 6 months with no feedback. You made it very easy to make the post. Thanks for the great advertising. Your site did a great job.

yes- sold on your site. Text messages, a few calls, no one came to see it. Buyer from out of state, met part way to complete sale. I reslisted the trailer 1x.

No the buyer came from Marketplace. I got 3 inquiries from horse trailer world. It's a great site. Thank you so much for providing the site!

Yes. Not a lot of calls and emails, as expected.

One email. One call. The one who called, came and bought it.

We didn't sell from this here and received one call from this site.

I had a lot of calls and emails, a lot of out of state interest. Probably would not of sold it with out horse trailer world.

Got several inquiries through this site but actually sold via Facebook!

I received around 40 text messages only asking what my bottom dollar was. I believe there were 2 attempts to scam me based on the messages asking if I would take a personal check, and after all the hassle, I decided to mark it sold and take it off the market, it is NOT worth the hassle of people haggling me for a lower price. For the options and the quality of the unit, my asking price was fair. You probably will not want to use this feedback, although I have used Horse Trailer World in the past and have been very satisfied, this time possibly due to the state of the world, I was very dissapointed.

Yes the buyer come from your sight, didn't get any emails just messages and ph calls,thank you for having a sight were we able to do this very much appreciated Brad.

Thank you for the ability to connect with buyers throughout the country. The listing was easy and inexpensive, allowing me to post the trailer much farther than the local market.

Trailer sold within 5 hours of publishing my ad. Thrilled with how well this website worked and with how affordable it was to use.

The buyer came from my Facebook ad. I got around 5-6 inquiries from this site. I believe that was about the same as on Facebook. The buyer was local

The buyer didn't come from this site. I did get an email with legit questions. I got 1 text from a Scammer who is supposedly sending me a Cashiers check etc... Thank you though.

My trailer was sold on HorseTrailerWorld.com. I did receive a lot of emails and a couple of people came to look prior to selling. Easy transaction.

No, the buyer came from FB. I had a few inquiries.

The buyer did come from your web site. I had a large number of calls a couple after i market it as sold. I thank you for making it so easy for me.

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