Great way to sell a trailer

We sold the trailer from a FaceBook MarketPlace Ad our son posted. We did not receive any emails or calls from our Ad on Horse Trailer World. None the less, thank you for providing an opportunity to get it in front of an audience.

Only received 1 email. Did not sell through the site

I had couple emails from here and sold from here overall good experience

Easy to list, lots of views in short time and sold quickly.

Can I replace a different tearier on my ad ?

The buyer did not come from the website. I only had 1 ''thinking about'' it buyer from the website, no other inquiries. Maybe price was too high, I don't know. Economy??? Actually I put it in the front pasture by the road, put a for sale sign on it, and had more inquiries from that, and one buyer. I used your website as a site to check out prices for what my trailer could be sold for, and guess they were too high also and mine was in much better shape, looking almost new. Not website fault, just sign of the times.

The buyer came from your site. I was contacted by 4 different people with interest within 2 weeks of placing the add.

It appeared that a decent number of people looked at my ad, but I got ZERO emails or calls regarding inquiries. I advertised it on Craigslist and had several interested parties, including one that drove 10 hours one way to purchase it today.

Yes and Yes. Thank You

The buyer did come from this site. I only got a few emails about it.

Received three calls from your site. The Buyer did come from your site and called within two days of listing the trailer. Sold at the asking price. Your site worked well!! Thanks

Yes, buyer bought from your website, the second real person interested also saw the trailer on your website. I had three email requests and two phone calls. The calls were from true interested parties. The only thing that was alarming was the three scam attempts that surfaced from online soliciting. The website was easy to navigate and the ad was easy to place as well as edit. Customer service was prompt and professional. Additionally, I have used this site to find and buy two horses and two horse trailers. Thank you for providing such a great resource for the industry.

nice response to are trailer that we advertised sold in 2 days

No, the buyer did not come from your site. In 3 weeks I had 3 people contact me. From the site I sold it on (which was free) I had 6+ people contact me and the trailer was sold within 48 hours. Sorta disappointed with the return on your site. On a positive note, your site was very easy to use, contained all the info and thorough. Except it would not pull up my trailer when I filtered it by the manufacturer.

I am glad that this is a service online. Reasonable pricing. Easy to use.

I had over 900 hits on my trailer. Did not get my asking price, but am happy with what we settled on and got a very appreciative buyer.

My buyer did come from Horsetrailerworld.com and It only took one day. Thank you so much.

The buyer came from this site and I had two other buyers ready to go. This is the second trailer I have sold from your site and I'm very happy with it.

I traded this trailer into NTS - you should really have a way to delete the posting

I had the trailer list on HTW for several weeks with no interest. Sold the trailer as soon as it was listed on Facebook.

trailer sold on FB market place I got one inquiry from this site

Way too many scams, don't recommend this site.

Horse Trailer World is the only way to go. .We have bought trailers and sold trailers on this site....our last trailer sold in 25 minutes!! 5 STARS!!!!!!

I was able to sell our trailer in 30 min, from your site . Thanks you

Yes your site was very helpful I have bought trailers and sold trailers through it before. Thank you

Only wanted to delete my ad. Did not sell. Site is not easy to navigate. Once in my account there's no place to log out, nor to delete ad. Very poor.

I am not quite certain if the sale came from this site or ksl.com (I didn't ask) to be honest. I did receive a couple of e mails from this site which I responded to. Thanks for providing a place to sell our trailers.

listed my trailer got top price for it and it sold in 2 hours

Trailer World does what it's designed to do and that is to reach as many potential buyers as possible. We've used them in the past as well with great results..........SOLD !!!!

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