No, it was sold through Equinenow. I just renewed my ad with you for $24.95 and would appreciate a prorated refund. Thank you.

Only revived 4 calls. 2 were just trying to get me to use there services. Yes, the buyer seen on your site.

I have bought & sold several trailers on Horse Trailer World, Has worked great each time! Thanks I appreciate it.

I have sold 2 horse trailers over the years by listing on your site, and therefore I believe it's an excellent way to market!! Thanks!!

I received multiple e-mails and texts from potential buyers. The main issue I ran into was buyers trying to get financing for 10+ years, when purchasing through a private party. I have bought trailers from this website and I have success in selling on this website.

We didn't get a lot of emails or calls, but yes, the person bought it from your site. I am very happy with the service you have provided. Thank you!

The buyer did not come from the site but I did receive a couple messages about it from this site. The buyer came from a free source - Craigslist. Also I listed it on some Facebook group pages and received the most interest via those. I'll likely use Horse trailer World again, most likely in the "buyer" capacity and not the seller capacity as I'd try and sell any future trailer via a free method first and if that wasn't working only then would I list it on a site where I had to pay for the listing.

I cannot thank Horse Trailer World enough for getting our trailer out there and in front of so many more buyers than we could ever access. The ease in which we registered our trailer, photos we up loaded, emails we received, and ultimately the buyer we sold to, was convenient and effortless. Many thanks for everything and everyone involved in making our experience successful!

Horse Trailer World makes selling a trailer easy. I had plenty of leads and all were interested buyers. Whenever I have a nice horse trailer for sale I always go to Horse Trailer World for quick results.

A few emails on trailer. Sold trailer on Facebook.

I recently sold my trailer on Horse Trailer World. Within one day of posting the listing, I had several calls. By day 2, I had a buyer. The trailer is in Texas where I live, and the buyer was from Indiana. They drove 14 hours to pick it up. As she was arranging to come pick it up, I had several more calls, including one that said he would actually pay me more money and pick it up that same day! I told him I had committed to sell to the other party from Indiana, but would let him know if it didn't work out. Bottom line is that posting on your web site exposed my listing to a large market of buyers that resulted in a sale for my asking price. I posted the listing on several facebook sites, but received no responses. I would highly recommend using Horse Trailer World for selling your trailers.

I sold my trailer through this site. The buyer came to New York from North Carolina to buy this particular trailer. Love this site. 3rd trailer we sold using this site

Great place to sell a trailer! Very easy to list with photos and video. Cost reasonable. Sold trailer in about 2 weeks. Would recommend to anyone looking to sell.

I got several emails and calls on the trailer within a week of posting it on the site. Sold the trailer within a week and a half of posting.

I have been favorably impressed by Horse Trailer World. I have used this site 2 times to sell and 1 time to buy.

Yes, the buyer came from your ad, only one response and he was the buyer.

Horse Trailer World is a great site to list your trailer. Good photos and a video walk around are definite pluses. I would recommend this platform to anyone who is serious about attracting customers for a quick sale.

Buyer didn’t come from this site. I got two emails from this site. It sold from posting on Facebook.

We did not receive many emails, but then it only takes one to sell an item. We did sell this trailer through Craigslist, but in the past I have solf them through HorseTrailerWorld.com Thank you

Hello, yes the buyer came from this site. We only got about 3 emails on it, but all were serious buyers. It was listed for about 3 weeks. I would recommend your site to others looking to buy or sell. Thanks

The buyer saw my ad on HTW....My Trailer was underpriced and had two more people waiting to buy sight unseen..

I did get several calls from my listing, and ultimately sold our Bloomer here!

Although the buyer of our trailer did not come from this site, the next in line interested party was from this site. So had it not sold we would have had another potential buyer.

I received a few inquiries from this site but ad hasn’t been posted that long, and I sold it to someone from seeing the ad from this site. I would definitely post here again. Thanks

Buyer came from this ad-wish I would have listed with Trailer World instead of Craig's List- CL ad was posted for several months-TW ad sold within a month

Thank you. We sold our trailer within a week of listing it on Horse Trailer World. Debbie W.

I didn't sell it from the site. It did receive hits but I had no emails it inquiries on it. It was only on the site for a few days. Support was great in fixing a mistake in the title that I was unable to fix. Thank you.

Buyer did come from this site. One call but that’s all it took to sell it.

Yes, sold in 4 days on this site. This is the second time I have used this site with really quick sale results. DId also receive a few calls and one email. Thanks, Mychelle Taylor

The buyer saw it in a share of this ad on Facebook. I bought another trailer from a share from Horse Trailer world on Facebook also.

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