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New Ford 7.3L gas vs diesel

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Last activity 2021-04-05 1:30 PM
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Reg. Aug 2013
Posted 2021-02-03 7:33 AM (#173467)
Subject: New Ford 7.3L gas vs diesel

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 Hi,  if there is a post already about this, I apologize, but I cannot find!    We have pulled gooseneck LQ trailers for years, and always w/ a diesel - both Ford and GM.  Currently we have a 14,000 lb GVWR 3H LQ trailer, and a 3500 2019 GMC.    But my husband is loving the new camera systems on the trailer tow packages, so he is actively looking at the the 2021's and in particular the Ford F350.  

 The question is, do we need to continue spending the extra 10k on the diesel engines, or will the new Ford 7.3L V8 gas engine work just fine?    We actually only pull and use the big trailer about 5-6 times/ year.  If we used the LQ trailer more oftern, we probably wouldn't even consider the gas, due to the better mpg and knowing you have the massive horsepower ( no pun intended) w/ the diesel.   HOWEVER,   All other times the truck is used to run errands or pull small trailers with hay, or even our small 2H gooseneck 4Star trailer ( not sure GVWR, maybe 7000 max, has just a dressing room).

Any thoughts out there??

thanks so much!

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Reg. Nov 2003
Posted 2021-02-04 6:34 AM (#173469 - in reply to #173467)
Subject: RE: New Ford 7.3L gas vs diesel

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You mention your LQ is 14,000 GVWR, but you don't mention size or width. But with that, it likely has 7K axles and thus isn't huge. With that, I'd really consider the gas burner if I were you. I've had customers with the "old" ford gas engine in the F-250s and 7' wide trailers and they were very happy. The feedback on some of the truck forums has been positive about the new gasser. One item to remember, is you drive it different. The gas engines make power at a higher RPM than you are used to with the diesel. So don't freak out when you've downshifted pulling a hill and the engine ends up at 4500 RPM, that's just the way it works. Long term maintenance on the diesels is getting expensive, and to meet emissions the new dioesels are built to work, and work hard. Loafing around and idling does unkind things to the Diesel Particulate Filter as it won't get hot enough to function. All of this, just my humble opinion.   
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Reg. Jan 2012
Posted 2021-04-05 1:30 PM (#173594 - in reply to #173467)
Subject: RE: New Ford 7.3L gas vs diesel


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I have 4 Ford diesels in the family.  02- 7.3, 3- 05 to 07 6.0's.    Have never had a problem with any of them really.   But the way things look going forward I would buy the 7.3 gas in a heartbeat.   I think the greenies want to get rid of diesel fuel in the future and are going to accomplish it thru making diesel engines really expensive to own and maintain in the future.
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