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Trailer tires and rims

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Reg. Nov 2020
Posted 2020-11-12 9:11 AM (#173353)
Subject: Trailer tires and rims

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Looking for a little advice and see if anyone else has experienced--we have a 2016 Twister 3 horse with a 10 foot shortwall, outlaw conversion.... we were only hauling one horse due to an injury, and everything was good--we added another horse, and we started having major tire and later rim issues---we had two blowouts on tires, and when taking trailer to shop instead of just tires, we were told that the tires on were a light truck tire, and should not be on this trailer...so we upgraded to a 14ply tire... later, we started having flats again, and come to find out, the rims (hi spec 4 series, rated for 3200 lbs) had fracture in aluminum. We ended up with 2 rims bad, and hi spec is going to try to make it right, but again, once we sent vin panel to hi spec, their engineer stated those were wrong rims... only weighted for 12400, and our trailer gvw is 14500. When we had tire issue, I phoned Twister, and they sent a check for 1/2 price of new tires, but explained that they send shell of trailer to dealer, and then they customize, and are supposed to keep eye on weights... NRS in Decatur, is claiming it is all Twister's fault. Who is actually responsible for making sure the right tires/rims/axels are on your trailer upon purchase? When we purchased it, and for the $$ we spent, I had no clue that tires/rims weren't heavy duty enough, and we are lucky we have only had blow outs and flats... instead of major accident. Any suggestions???
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Reg. Dec 2004
Posted 2020-11-13 8:51 AM (#173356 - in reply to #173353)
Subject: RE: Trailer tires and rims

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Well, there's a lot here but I'll make a couple of points. That wheel Co talking about your GVWR is hogwash. Obviously that GVWR includes tongue weight. They need to check your axle weights- which you need to load up, and get to a scale.
Second- Twister knew exactly where this trailer was going, and all good Cos that build LQ shells plan for that- Or at least should. A 10'SW 3H is generally mathmatically OK on a 10PR tire, and the 14 is a lot more $$. So often the customers don't want to spend the cash. So dealers don't order them that way. Those 3200# rims aren't rated for much more than a 10PR so likely you overloaded them and that's why they failed. And lastly- frankly I love truck (LT) tires on a trailer. I've had a lot less issues with them than ST tires.  
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Reg. Jan 2012
Posted 2020-11-13 9:29 AM (#173357 - in reply to #173353)
Subject: RE: Trailer tires and rims


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A light truck tire is far better than a trailer tire is.   If you have your axles weighed.  I will bet that your steer tires on your truck are carrying the most weight per tire.
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Reg. Oct 2008
Posted 2020-11-14 3:45 AM (#173358 - in reply to #173353)
Subject: RE: Trailer tires and rims


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Location: riverside ca
unfortunately many trailers come with a very marginal tire, the main reason for this is cost.  That said an LT Tire on 16 inch wheel will be far superior to an ST tire on a 16 inch wheel.  The problem I find is that all the trailer tires are basically chinese junk, and the LT tire has much higher quality options.  That said I pretty much wont run a 15 inch tire just because there are no good tires for trailers with any decent amount of weight on them 
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