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Bison Trailers

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Reg. Nov 2006
Posted 2020-07-13 7:21 PM (#173152)
Subject: Bison Trailers

Elite Veteran

Posts: 792
Location: East Tennessee, USA, Planet Earth
I would like to say that I do not want this post to turn into a Bison slamming post.

I am looking for feedback on Bison Rangers.

They are in my budget and seem to be a very popular trailer in the area that I just moved into. The local dealer sells them like hot cakes.

In the past I have owned WW (many....many years ago), Sundowner, and my last trailer was a Lakota Charger.

I have a small budget for a trailer.....Bison Rangers and Lakota Colts fit into that.

I loved my Lakota and I miss it. I sold it when I move to TN...due the the wicked roads up here on the mountain. Also, the Lakota was way too long for my new driveway and the road is narrow with no shoulders ....only deep ditch and a creek on both sides. That made it very difficult to get my long Lakota in and out of my driveway. So, I sold it and bought a 2005 shorter box Keifer trailer.

So......feedback please. THANKS!!
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Reg. Dec 2004
Posted 2020-07-17 8:34 AM (#173153 - in reply to #173152)
Subject: RE: Bison Trailers

Elite Veteran

Posts: 673
Well, part of your wish came true. It hasn't been a Bison bash. :)   Anyway, my little opinion. I've not owned one, but see them around and have looked at them. I've also seen them in the shop when I drop by. For occasional use, I'd consider one, especially a smaller one. Of course it is an entry level trailer, but when you buy it all of the plumbing, electrical, appliances and such will be new. Just make sure your dealer does a really good job getting it ready for you. They don't usually come out of the factory quite that way in my observation. Make sure it suits you. Don't assume warranty covers all of that stuff. I've seen folks here steered to a 15 year old high end trailer, and then they spend a ton of time and money fixing little (and big) stuff. Not structure, but everything else. So there is some benefit to new.

I have a friend that bought a Bison steel frame intentionally because he thought it would be stronger than an aluminum frame. Having seen some with all the skin removed for skin replacement (wrecked) there didn't look to be just a lot of steel posts in them. But- apparently there is enough to hold up.
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Reg. Aug 2009
Posted 2020-07-23 1:22 PM (#173163 - in reply to #173152)
Subject: RE: Bison Trailers


Posts: 67
Location: Michigan
I have never owned one either but our neighbor bought one about 10 or 12 years ago.  I will preface it by saying that they never take care of anything but I do remember the roof in the living quarters leaked at year 3 or 4 over the winter and caused all sorts of damage to the ceiling and walls.  It was probably honestly just an issue with the roof needing to be resealed but like I said they never do proper maintenance. They also had their black tank fall off driving down the road a few years after they had it but whether that was manufactuer error or they hit something and wouldn't own up to it, who knows.  Other than that it still looks nice and they still use it quite a bit.  I can't really comment on how well it is built or anything as its not mine but they seem to enjoy it.
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Reg. Feb 2014
Posted 2020-07-23 5:24 PM (#173164 - in reply to #173163)
Subject: RE: Bison Trailers


Posts: 15

 I've owned one for 3 years , sure it costs less than others. Out of the 3 years never had one problem. The water ran got hot was able to shower and use the toilet np. The cost to do all this was a lot cheaper than other. So to sum it up I would recommend them
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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2020-08-02 12:54 PM (#173175 - in reply to #173152)
Subject: RE: Bison Trailers


Posts: 71
Location: NW
 Keep in mind that Bison has been sold multiple times - and some owners have been much better than others.  Monaco Coach bought them in later 2005 I believe & sold to Navistar in 2009.  I think both of those companies did try to make decent, lower priced trailers.  In 2013, Thor bought Bison from Navistar & Thor is NOT known for quality or customer satisfaction.  (they now own many RV companies & quality of most of those have really downhill as well).  Bison was bought by Merhow earlier this year - they will keep the Bison name & factory location, but I fully suspect their quality to improve and customer service to improve considerably.  If you are looking for a new one, make sure it was made by Merhow & the more recent, probably the better.  I would avoid one made by Thor like the plague (although I am sure there probably are some owners of them made during that time that haven't had issues, but they are not known for it).  
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