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Battery Replacement Advice

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Reg. Mar 2014
Posted 2019-08-13 7:31 AM (#172602)
Subject: Battery Replacement Advice


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We have a 2015 Lakota Charger LQ. We keep it plugged in to 30amp while at home. It still has the original batteries. We were camping over the weekend and had our portable generator. The generator ran out of propane sometime during the night but it was cool enough that we just let it go. About 2:30am the carbon monoxide sensor goes off. The only thing on propane at that time was the fridge. I checked the battery level and it was at 1/3. The sensor has gone off before and Lakota told me if the batteries get too low that will happen. So my question is, if all you are running is the fridge and fan should you be able to get thru the night on the batteries? I think since the batteries are 4 years old we need to get new ones just wondering how to not get the crap scared out of us in the middle of the night in the future. The dogs were huddled in the bed shaking for the next several hours. Needless to say not much sleep after that. What brand batteries are reccommended? Any battery maintenance tips?
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Reg. Jul 2011
Posted 2019-08-16 11:20 AM (#172623 - in reply to #172602)
Subject: RE: Battery Replacement Advice


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Don’t know what refrigerator you have, but I have a Norcold AC or DC unit, and as long as it was at temp (on AC) going through the night has not been a problem.
If you are running a 120volt refrigerator through an inverter, you probably won’t make it through the night without substantial a battery bank or running the generator.
A 12v dc fan should not have any substantial impact.
I am also using Exide 24MDC batteries, and wired where I can add the second or third battery just by plugging it in when needed.
To supplement the battery charging I added 165w a solar panel to the roof.
With this setup, unless I need to run the Air Conditioner or the microwave, I don't need to run the generator at all.
As far as battery maintenance, make sure the battery posts/connections are clean (use a battery post spray sealer to prevent corrosion after they are clean), and maintain the battery water (I added battery quick-fill kits to make battery watering easier). Check your water at Least every month, and deal with any corrosion as soon as you see any.
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Reg. Nov 2003
Posted 2019-08-19 11:41 AM (#172641 - in reply to #172602)
Subject: RE: Battery Replacement Advice

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For what it is worth, 4 years is a long time on RV batteries. Especially if they've been low on water. While the newer converters are supposed to be OK to leave on all the time, we seem to think we are having better luck with the trailer plugged in, but only turn the switch on for a day at a time every week. That way the converter is not constantly is not charging the batteries but the trailer can run off of converter's output. But be aware if a Lakota battery switch is off, the batteries will not charge.    
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