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help with insulation in dressing room, please!!!

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Reg. Aug 2018
Posted 2018-08-24 9:56 AM (#171832)
Subject: help with insulation in dressing room, please!!!

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I'm sure this is on here somewhere, but I cannot find it. I have a slant load gooseneck trailer that I am wanting to do a weekender conversion on. The walls have 1.5" aluminum studs. I am trying to figure out what size insulation board I need to put in. I have read differing things about leaving a gap, not leaving a gap, etc. There are so many opinions. I originally was going to put furring strips and attach paneling. With more thought and reading, am wondering if some sort of contact paper would work directly onto the insulation, but then apparently would go against the whole leave some space thing because the insulation would have to be flush with the studs. My worry with paneling is that we live in Georgia where the humidity gets quite high and I am afraid it may warp. I would also like to keep the added weight to a minimum. Our other additions will be kept to a minimum, just a small cabinet with small sink, small refrigerator, maybe a microwave, and potentially a small shower. I have read through so many posts, now I'm not sure what the best, most light weight option is and if I need to leave an air space gap or not. I have not noticed the trailer being wet inside, but I'm sure it can happen, especially with people in it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Reg. Jul 2009
Posted 2018-08-25 1:53 PM (#171836 - in reply to #171832)
Subject: RE: help with insulation in dressing room, please!!!


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 I used foil-backed foam boards cut just a little tiny bit big between the studs.  The insulation was exactly thick enough, IIRC about 3/4 inch.  The panels I cut stuck great between the studs, but I used silver tape ( found it right by the insulation in Home Depot) strips to secure it.   Then,  I cut strips of foil bubblewrap looking stuff -ducting insulation - and taped them with the silver tape over the studs.  

I found some really flexible plastic sheets to use as paneling.  I though it would be easy to use, but it doesn't work at all;  can't use command hooks, and it has too much give. I plan to rip it out and replace it with rigid embossed white paneling. 

My other mistake was to forget to mark where studs are located. Some of them are very narrow and now I can't find them to attach hooks or shelving. 

Didn't use firring strips, it seemed like overkill for our purposes, but maybe it would have helped with the hooks and shelving issue

I put down the foil backed foam on the floor, covered with rolled rubber matting, and topped off with some thin indoor-outdoor carpeting.

We sleep 2 people and 3 dogs,  in temps into the 20's,  comfortably with a little 200 watt space heater, and no condensation, as long as I crack the ceiling vent and the window on the door.  
A regular heater sometimes is too much in the tiny DR.

Edited to add that the insulation was installed with the foil facing the inside of the DR.

Edited by shags 2018-08-25 1:57 PM
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