butt bar and difficult mare
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Posted 2024-02-05 12:18 PM (#185679)
Subject: butt bar and difficult mare

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I have a mare who has learned that she can "sit" a bit in the trailer and get her rear under the butt bar and bust it. I'm not in a position to buy another trailer right now so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could attach to the butt bar to keep her from getting her rear under it. I was thinking I could hang a heavy rubber mat the width of the butt bar and about 2' long. or install another butt bar below the first one? I am worried about her safety (although she does not seem to be concerned with that) and I need to be able to load her without her deciding she wants to get off, and I want her to stand quietly in a trailer with the butt bar up and the ramp down at shows, etc. Suggestions please!! and thank you
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