beware Dixie Star Harmar trailers
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Subject: beware Dixie Star Harmar trailers


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In December 2017, I was delivered a brand new, custom Dixie Star Trailer from Factory Direct Trailers/Harmar. As I was recovering from an accident, I didn't look under the trailer until 2 1/2 months later (it was parked on a concrete pad). The entire frame is heavily rusted (all opinions are that the rust looks to be years old), and the bolt holding the steps was so rusted it snapped off the first time it was used. I have found the dealer and the manufacturer to be dismissive of the problem. Here is the owner of Harmar's response to my new trailer's condition:
"Dear Rebecca
The rust under your trailer is caused by salt and ice deicer they use on roads during winter. In your customer manual it states in bold letters to remove all salt after each trip .This was left on the trailer for 3 months , Over new paint and undercoating . We gave you the phone no. of a truck and trailer under coating service center to take care of this 15 minutes from your home over a week ago. We set up an appointment for March 20 th. at 9:00 AM . This is not a warranty or manufacture's defect . But we will send you a check for $350.00 as a customer service to be spent for anything you want it for . If this is agreed upon we will send you the check. All corespondents will be thru email.
Randy Frick Dixie Star Trailers
THE FIRST BID FOR REPAIRS IS QUOTED TO BEGIN AT $3,000. This trailer was only hauled once, by their delivery person, in December and has been on a dry concrete pad since then. Rust is severe, and the bolt holding the stairs was so rusted it snapped of 1st time used. When their appointment was presented, they misrepresented the shop's position on how much work was going to be involved to fix this (I spoke to the shop directly, and he said he argued with John from Factory Direct Trailers for quite awhile). BEWARE.

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Subject: RE: beware Dixie Star Harmar trailers

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 Contact the Attorney General in your state on this matter. Also , if your local Television News channel has a consummer afairs reporter they will be of interest of this type of business practice.
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Subject: RE: beware Dixie Star Harmar trailers

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Well, I've obviously not seen underneath the trailer. But- I do know what salt can do, and pulling something across the northern US in Jan is going to get a ton of crud on it. And yes, I have seen trailers with permenant damage caused by driving them through Indiana (where Harmar is I believe) in January, and not promptly giving them a thorough washing within a few hours after trip's end.

It is unfortunate you had an accident and couldn't attend to the trailer, but at a glimpse from this angle I am not sure you are warranted in your complaints about the trailer's condition at this point. Seems like a LIve & Learn moment to me.  
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Subject: RE: beware Dixie Star Harmar trailers

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Well my 2008 Trail Rider trailer has never seen winter roads, I have only seen minor surface rust in the stalls area. Every fall I pull the mats out, clean everything thoroughly and touch up any paint that has been damaged.

I'm not going to try and discredit your predicament (how would I know), but I haven't experience any problems you have described. In fact a year ago Harmar called me and advised me to inspect the welds around the gooseneck. Apparently there was a trailer that had suffered cracks and they were contacting owners who had purchased a trailer during that time frame. I was told if any cracks were found to take to a welding shop and they would cover the bill.
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