Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Many dealers are doing “Black Friday” specials for their horse trailers, but did you know that you can also advertise your trucks, RV’s, cargo trailers and ATV’s?  All these items can be entered inside your Premier Dealer login.

More importantly, they will be seen, unlike other “mega sites”.  We also post your items on Barrel Horse World, Cargo Trailer World, Working Truck World and the new Ranch Junk.com

Over 800 working trucks listed

Several years ago horse trailer dealers asked if they could list trucks with us.  I had no idea how this smaller segment of trucking would take off.  We currently have over 800 trucks listed on Horse Trailer World.  And they are also listed on Barrel Horse World with over 50,000 visits a day.   And now those same truck listings are reaching a broader market than just horse owners on a new site called www.WorkingTruckWorld.com

Did you know.  If you are a Horse Trailer World Premier Dealer, you can already list your trucks as part of your monthly package.  No extra charge.  If you don’t have anything to do with horses but you have a lot of trucks to move, list them all right here to reach a $38 billion dollar industry.  You get the same rate $100/mo.  Unlimited number of trucks.

But what if you’re just a guy with a truck for sale?   Nationwide coverage on three of the largest horse websites on the internet for two months.  $25. Good luck selling.

Drop Down Windows Buttside

You can now seach for trailers with insulated roofs and drop down windows on the buttside!    A lot of buyers are looking for more air flow in their trailers after another hot summer so we added two more search criteria to Horse Trailer World.

Horse Trailer Bluebook

Did you know?  Horse Trailer Blue Book is available free to every online dealer on Horse Trailer World?  If you’re not a dealer, but just one of thousands of buyers needing to check prices, you can access the “Blue Book” as well.


Horse Trailer Blue Book is free to participating online dealers who list their inventory on HTW.  When you sign in as a dealer you are given the option to go to the Blue Book.  Input is important as we update and make changes almost weekly.  Our newest request is for values placed on generators as options.  If you have suggestions send them jmatt@horsetrailerworld.com