Sierra – New Trailer Company Announced

Whitehall, PA April 8, 2016

Wasko’s Trailers is proud to announce the arrival of the very first Sierra Horse Trailer at our Whitehall, PA dealership.

Sierra has been producing living, camping and recreational
accommodations since 1987, longer than any other living quarter
company. Sierra has accomplished the status of being the largest
manufacturer of living quarters in the United States, producing
interiors for dealers and customers all across America. Sierra has
taken the next step and is now producing their own line of quality
aluminum horse trailers outfitted with their industry leading
interior accommodations.

With the very first of these premium trailers available at our
dealership, you have the unique opportunity to visit our location
and get an exclusive introductory price on this custom trailer.
Call 610-262-9100 or email Dave Wasko at for
additional details and pricing.

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